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How To Select The Best ETF Marketing Keywords For PPC Campaigns

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) require some degree of both industry-based and tool-based expertise before keyword research can be fruitful. Without that background, selecting ETF-related keywords can be difficult. PayPerClick (PPC) keyword selection for your ETF is ultimately about search volume, keyword

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ETF Digital Marketing: 6 Steps To Help Launch Your New ETF

By Stephen Sakach, Zero Company Performance Marketing, Founder and CEO, Chief Digital Superstar and Michael Liwski, Zero Company Performance Marketing, Director of Strategic Performance and Client Guide Two longtime ETF asset management clients approached us about helping them launch their

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5 Google Analytics Features to use in 2021

Kicking off the year by adding Google Analytics to your website? Using Google analytics to analyze data about your website’s visitors is one of the best ways to get data-driven. Around 30-50 million websites use Google Analytics, but many aren’t

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Agency Vetting Checklist

Learn how to ask the 10 key questions when vetting a digital marketing agency. Access our free checklist. – From a Google Premier Partner Agency. Download Now See what a Google Premier Partner Agency has to say on Hiring an Agency

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