In this article, we will discuss the best practices in pay per click advertising to dramatically improve your SaaS or tech company’s campaigns and increase your sales.

For software companies, attracting visitors and turning them into paying clients is key to survival. Unfortunately, there’s intense competition in the market, making it difficult not just to acquire but also to retain customers. In addition to that, you also need to ensure product-market fit and stay ahead of ever-changing customer needs and preferences.

All of those challenges are daunting and threaten to take your resources away from doing effective marketing. After all, to get people to become paying customers, you’d want them to first sign up for a demo or trial, book a call with your sales team, and so on.

The good news is that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a very effective way of helping you achieve all of those. Doing it by yourself, or partnering with a pay per click advertising firm, can enable your tech or SaaS company to reach your desired audience and bring a massive amount of traffic to your website. Once there, people are just a few steps away from eventually becoming paying customers who may not only love—but also rave about—your digital product.

Key Benefits of PPC Advertising for SaaS Companies

There are many benefits that software companies can gain from a pay per click advertising company.

The top advantage of PPC ads is their ability to target specific audiences based on people’s demographics, interests, and behavior. This ensures that your digital ads are displayed to people who are most likely to be interested in your tech products or services, which increases the chances of converting users into your customers.

Another advantage of this pay per click marketing is that they’re cost-effective. Your SaaS or tech company only needs to pay for clicks that you receive. This allows for much greater advertising budget control and cost monitoring.

This can be possible from search terms and click through rate, which is the impression percentage from clicks.

A PPC specialist will offer real-time results that you can monitor and adjust accordingly. This lets you optimize your campaigns to achieve maximum performance and return on ad spend (ROAS). Alternatively, you may do this yourself if you have the resources.

Tech and software companies can gain multiple benefits from adding PPC advertising to their marketing strategy.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising and How Does It Work

Before diving into PPC management and advertising, you need to have a good understanding of how PPC ads work so that you can plan your IT company’s strategy around it. For best results, pay per click advertising should be combined with other digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing (whether through Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Reddit ads, YouTube ads, etc.), and so on.

Remember that in this type of advertising, you only need to pay for every click on an ad that’s shown on a search engine results page (SERP) like Google and Bing, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and other websites. Take note that the Google Display Network alone contains an estimate of more than two million apps, videos, and websites where your chosen ad formats could be displayed.

To create a successful PPC ad campaign, you need to pick a platform, set your budget, create ad groups, and craft your ad copy. You also need to identify keywords that are relevant to your tech products or services. These keywords will activate your ads to appear when users search for them online.

When users click on your ad, they will be redirected to a landing page on your website, where they can learn more about your IT or software product or service. You can then ask them to take action, like sign up for a free app trial or get a monthly subscription to your software.

Best Practices in Pay Per Click Advertising for SaaS Companies

To get the greatest ROAS from pay-per-click advertising services, you need to know and put into action the proven techniques in PPC marketing. Google’s Quality Score tool can help you evaluate the quality and relevance of your PPC ads and keywords.

Here are some of the best practices in PPC management for SaaS and tech companies:

Tip #1: Focus on Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific keywords that have a smaller search volume compared to broad or general keywords. Although fewer people search for them, they are more focused and offer better value for your software or tech company because of greater user intent.

It’s best to use long-tail keywords that are relevant to the products or services that you offer, which are being searched for by your target audience.

Make sure you avoid negative keywords because these can restrict your ad from being shown to users who are searching or browsing content related to those words (displayed in the form of search ads).

search keyword report

Tip #2: Create Compelling Ad Copy

When creating your ad copies, it’s best to make them both captivating and brief. The main focus should be on highlighting the advantages of your IT products and services.

Don’t forget to include a call to action that prompts the audience to act. To stand out from your competitors, we recommend using emotional triggers that appeal to your target audience.

compelling ad copy

Tip #3: Target the Right Audience

To be successful in advertising, your ads should be directed at the right audience. You can do this by identifying your ideal audience based on their demographics, interests, and behavior. You can then use this information to create targeted ads that will resonate with them and get them to act in the direction you’d like.

Tip #4: Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are features that improve your ads and offer additional details to your audience. There are various ad extensions, like call extensions, location extensions, and site link extensions. Using ad extensions can benefit your audience and enhance your chances of converting users.

Tip #5: Test and Optimize Your Campaigns

Lastly, it’s important for your IT or SaaS company’s digital marketing team—or your partner pay per click marketing agency—to regularly test and optimize ads to ensure their optimal performance. Try experimenting with different ad copies, landing pages, and targeting methods.

Take a look at which method/s are most effective in converting your audience. Always keep an eye on your active campaigns and adjust your strategy as needed.

Raise the chances of your campaign’s success by following the best practices in PPC advertising.

Get Expert Help From a PPC Management Agency

If you lack the time or resources to handle your SaaS or tech firm’s PPC ad campaigns, you can opt to enlist PPC management services offered by a reliable pay per click marketing agency. When selecting an agency, it is crucial to consider several factors:

Experience and Expertise

One of the most important factors in choosing among the PPC advertising companies is their experience and proficiency in managing PPC campaigns for SaaS firms. Take a look at their website and request case studies and references from them if those aren’t available online.

Communication and Transparency

Second, choose a pay per click agency that has great communication and transparency when it comes to their  performance and strategies. They should provide you with regular reports and updates. An agency that is hesitant to do so might not be your best choice.

Pricing and Budget for PPC Advertising Services

Next, select an agency that offers reasonable pricing within your budget. It’s also important that they provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all their expenses and costs.

Customization and Flexibility

Last but not the least, we recommend choosing a PPC advertising agency that can tailor their services according to your SaaS or tech company’s unique requirements. They should be adaptable and capable of modifying their marketing approach based on your company’s objectives.

Maximizing Your SaaS Company's ROI with Pay Per Click Advertising

SaaS businesses can reap a variety of advantages from pay per click advertising services, including reaching a specific audience, cost-efficiency, and immediate outcomes. By following the best practices in this post—which professional pay per click agencies like Zero Company know about—your SaaS or tech company can get the highest possible ROAS from your campaigns.

If your firm’s schedule or budget is limited, it may be worthwhile to hire a pay per click management company with extensive experience in managing PPC campaigns for SaaS companies. With a sound strategy and approach, you can increase conversions and grow your SaaS business.

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