This article reveals the important reasons why you need to optimize your landing pages in PPC advertising for pet marketing.

If you’re running a pet company, adding PPC advertising campaigns to your pet marketing strategies can be quite effective in boosting your competitive advantage. After all, there are now nearly 4,000 pet companies in the U.S.—in short, a lot of rivals for your pet-loving customers.

As such, you need to make sure that your pet company stands out in the market. Establishing your brand identity and differentiating your brand from the rest requires effective pet marketing strategies, which include the use of effective online advertising.

Advantages of Using PPC Advertising in Your Pet Company’s Marketing

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Companies in the pet industry face fierce competition against other pet-related companies. We are at an age in which a significant number of U.S. households own pets: 86.9 million to be exact. Altogether, they spent a whopping 136.8 billion dollars on their beloved animals in 2022.

For businesses, the most obvious advantage of PPC ads is cost-effectiveness: the advertiser pays only every time a user clicks on their ad. Very few (if any) traditional options for marketing pet products allow advertisers to pay based on the outcome they’ll get.

PPC ads enable your pet business to significantly increase your reach by targeting the users who would see (and hopefully click on) your ads. Unlike most traditional marketing platforms and tools in which you have little control over who sees your ads, pay-per-click ads give you tremendous power over the audience you want for your ads. For instance, if you own a pet grooming salon in Orange County, you can make your PPC ads target related long-tail keywords such as “german shepherd haircut orange county”, “cat mobile salon california”, “poodle dematting in OC”, and the like. Because of this, you can be fairly certain that you would be paying only for eyeballs of users who are actually interested in having pets, or who already have one.

In fact, you can set your preferred ad placement for your PPC campaign: for example, you can set your ads to be shown to users who are actively looking for pet-related products or services, which makes them even more likely to click on your ad and buy what you offer. This allows your pet business to boost sales while maximizing advertising budget.

As a bonus, PPC ads come with real-time analytics on your PPC ad campaigns. On the dashboard of whatever PPC advertising platform you’re using (e.g., Google), you can see the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions that your ads bring in. With that data, you can examine the results of your advertising campaign and make changes wherever possible in order to increase your ROAS.

Likewise, you need to target the right audience by doing thorough market research and segmentation and then describing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in detail. Last but not least, you need to have a deep understanding of pet owners’ unique needs and preferences so you can tailor your advertising campaigns for them and get maximum impact from your digital marketing efforts.

PPC ads give pet brands outstanding control over who sees your online advertisements.

PPC ads have different elements, and to have a successful campaign, you need to make sure that each of those elements is set up in the best way possible. One of the most important elements of all PPC ad campaigns for effective pet industry marketing is the landing page.

Why Optimize Your PPC Advertising Landing Pages For Pet Marketing

Most (if not all) PPC ads point to a landing page that’s made specifically for that ad. Since it’s the final destination of users after clicking on your ad, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of optimizing that page.

Relevance of Landing Page Content

To do this, first of all, your landing page should be relevant to your ads. (As a side note: This also happens to be one of the crucial elements of effective content marketing.) Naturally, if your ad mentions a discount on dog food, the landing page that it brings users to should not be selling dog leashes or dog toys. Make sure to check that your ads point to the right URL.

Delivery of Promise and Expectations

If you made a promise on your ad, make sure that you fulfill it on your landing page, or at least bring them closer to getting what you promised. If you used a hook in your ad or piqued users’ curiosity, make sure that your landing page reveals the answer that they’re waiting for.

It’s important to make sure that your landing pages provide what you promised because this can instantly make or break users’ trust in your company. If they don’t see what they expected to see on your page, they would likely go back to the search results, which means a loss in sales opportunities for your pet company. On top of that, having a lot of users leave your site soon after entering it can affect your bounce rate (which also affects your search engine optimization and website visibility), among other negative consequences.

Page Loading Speed and Mobile-Friendliness


Also, check how fast your landing page loads. The ideal time is within 2 seconds—the shorter the amount of time that users have to wait, the better.

Finally, make sure your page is mobile-friendly since the majority of online users are on their mobile devices. It’s even better if your page is responsive, which means that it adapts based on the screen or device of each user.

These are some of the most significant things you need to check to ensure that the landing page for your PPC ad is optimized for maximum conversion. You may need to make some changes on your landing page and/or website to apply the recommendations above. If you need any help in making any of those changes, you can seek help from a trusted PPC management agency like Zero.

Relevant content, delivered promise and expectations, fast loading time, and mobile-friendliness are features of a high-converting PPC campaign landing page.

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Final Advice in Using PPC Ads For Marketing Pet Products

Although having an optimized landing page for your PPC ad is just one important element that impacts the success of your pet company’s PPC campaign, it is no doubt an important one.

Once your landing page and other important elements (keywords, ad copy, and so on) of your PPC advertising campaign are set up optimally, you can begin reaping the benefits of PPC ads on your pet marketing efforts.

If your pet business has limited resources or prefers to delegate PPC ad campaigns to specialists in this field, it’s best to partner with an experienced PPC management agency like Zero Company.

Our PPC advertising agency will expertly set up your PPC ads; actively monitor, measure, and report their performance; and give you continuous support in your pet industry marketing campaigns. Zero Company has been operating for more than 20 years, providing top-tier digital marketing services like PPC advertising services to companies across different industries, including various pet brands.

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