Google AdWords is constantly working on ways to make life easier for marketers trying to promote their business online. With the wide variety of tools they have to offer, sometimes a really effective one can get lost in the shuffle. Let’s take a look at one that is often critical for mobile PPC advertising.

AdWords Call Only Campaigns1

One of the more overlooked services available for advertisers is the Call Only Campaign. As the name suggests, the online advertising feature is a specific call-to-action ad that prompts engaged customers to easily call the business whose ad they have seen. Giving mobile internet users the opportunity to聽 talk to the business鈥檚 representatives without needing to shuffle through a website is not only efficient for the user, but helps the business create that personal link and highly increases the chances of gaining new clients.

What is a Call Only Campaign?

Google AdWords Call Only Campaign is an online advertising model that is designed to give internet users a chance to call the business whose ads they have clicked on without having to go through other landing pages. The service is limited to mobile phone users for ease and convenience of direct calling. The Call Only Campaign has a unique structure that distinguishes it from other ads. Below are a few of the campaign鈥檚 features and what the differences mean for the advertisers.

AdWords Call Only Campaigns2

路 It uses the 25-35-35 character format

The first line is the phone number line and has a limit of 25 characters. The second line is usually the display URL. The remaining two lines of 35 characters each are for the description. This format is simple and when used properly turns ad views (impressions) into immediate phone calls.

路 The headline is the phone number

This is one of the most unique things about the Call Only Campaign. Obviously, the phone number is quite essential to this whole process. The number included is also linked to the call button and allows a direct call connection to be created once you click on the call button. This makes work easier, faster and a whole lot more accurate for users than having to take down the number for future reference.

路 Every click displays a call button

With most other Google AdWords ads, clicking on the display sends internet users to the business鈥檚 landing page. With Call Only Campaigns on the other hand, the user gets a call button that can be used to create a direct link to the business鈥檚 phone for further communication.

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Advantages of a Call Only Campaign

It goes without saying that the Call Only Campaigns are some very unique advantages; both to the advertiser and to the internet user. Below are a few of those:

路 You don’t need visitors to go to your site. We’ve had clients with bad mobile web viewing experiences, who could not update their site to be mobile friendly. With these ads, a click rings the phone without ever visiting the site. This shortcuts the numerous intermediate steps involved in other ads and campaigns that may turn off internet users before they reach out to your business.

路 It is fast and easy to use. This increases the chances of internet users heeding the call to action and actually contacting the business.

路 It is easy for the advertiser to set-up. This is mainly because there is no need to come up with a landing page.

路 It is mobile user targeted. This increases the ad鈥檚 visibility because more and more people these days use their mobile phones to access the internet.

路 It provides internet users with an avenue to ask questions and give feedback. The information can help advertisers make necessary improvements for the overall success of the business.

AdWords Call Only Campaigns4

Tips on how to make the most out of Call Only Campaigns

Despite the call to action on Call Only Campaigns being so specific, PPC advertisers still have to work on a Pay-per-Click basis. This means that you pay for every click when they reach out to you. It is therefore very important to make sure you optimize your ad and work on messaging to prompt internet users to make the call. Below are a few tips for Call Only Campaign success.

1. Include keywords and call to action commands to your display URL

Don’t overlook the ability to use that display URL to sell. Space is tight. Including a keyword or call to action or value statement as part of the display URL, helps to increase your ad鈥檚 interest. Having either a keyword or call to action in the URL will make your ad more relevant to the internet user鈥檚 search, which increases your CTR and their clicking on the ad and making the call.

2. Bid for the best call times for you and your potential clients

When scheduling your ads, you need to consider two things. The first is how often your potential clients are online. When is the demand for your business at its highest? You also need to consider your own business hours. Schedule the campaign ads such that they appear when there is actually someone to receive the call and interact with the client. With these two in mind, identify the best times and bid for the respective time slots.

3. Make your campaign geo-specific

The campaign should target users in your business鈥檚 vicinity especially if you operate locally. This increases your ad鈥檚 relevance when users specify their preferred location in their searches. You can even bid more aggressively the closer they are to your business.

4. Make the most of your description characters

The fact that your headline is automatically your phone number means that you do not have very many characters to work with in terms of describing your business. It is therefore very important to come up with eye catching and compelling descriptions that will have your readers itching to call. Split test this copy endlessly to improve results.

5. Monitor the calls in terms of quantity and quality

Knowing how many people are calling and when they are calling helps you as the advertiser understand the relationship between clicks and calls. Google will provide some of this info if you dig deep into their AdWords stats. This data can be optimized to increase your overall ROI. Monitoring call quality allows you to provide the customer with a fast, easy and highly informative interactive session. It may also help point out some confusion in your ad copy. Or, it may prompt you to pre-qualify that traffic a little better with some different wording. This increases their chances of ad money that is well spent.

Bottom line

Call Only Campaigns are without a doubt highly effective especially if you are in a business with a lot of phone traffic and people who have an immediate need. When used properly, it can make a great difference in the returns from your online advertising ventures. As always, if continually split testing your ad copy, fine tuning your bids and any of the other many elements to a successful campaign is something you tend to neglect, the experts at our firm can help.

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