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Why government agencies contract with us

Zero Company is a leading government digital marketing agency with partnerships across a variety of government services. We provide all traditional government-focused digital marketing services to federal and local governments as well as state agencies and their contractors.

Our complete online marketing services are designed to maximize the return on each marketing dollar you spend. Working within a variety of budget sizes and key performance indicators, we deliver a complete marketing strategy that identifies your audience, engages them, generates conversions, and maintains positive public relationships.

Government Campaigns With Impact

Read our Government Agency Digital Media Case Study to see how we helped one partner drive a record response.

A few government agencies we’ve helped:

Zero Company government campaigns have included branding, education, constituent outreach, driving foot traffic to facilities and more. Our comprehensive marketing approach has five key aspects to drive success for your next campaign: Transparency, Targeting, Tactics, Tracking and Technology.

Each of these areas is vital to success.

We understand that marketing as a means of outreach is key to supporting your initiatives. Your interaction with the public should be an easy, impactful and trusting experience. We’re here to collaborate with you and use our marketing expertise to help you discover new ways to engage with your audience.


Like government agencies, we value transparency. Ethics and transparency are cornerstones of our agency. Simply put, we want you to see everything we see when it comes to your ad campaigns. We don’t like black box digital media agencies and you shouldn’t either. Everything should be out in the open. This is our promise to you.

What does this mean for you? We want you to know exactly how much was spent on ad campaigns. We want you to know exactly what our fees are. We make available all data and provide robust reporting so that you aren’t ever left wondering if you are getting the most for your ad spend.


You have marketing goals, but may not understand the best way to achieve those. One of the first areas we help you with is to define the right target audiences to achieve those goals.

Audience targeting has become increasingly advanced and nuanced. To really win the moment online, success is often the combination of well-developed programmatic audience elements all coming together at the right place and right time to drive success. From in-market segments to psychographic audience modeling, we deploy a variety of targeting methods to zero in on your ideal audience.

Targeting may include combinations of all of the below:

  • Retargeting (Previous site visitors)
  • In-Market Audiences (Ready to buy)
  • Affinity/Interest Audiences (search, social activity, & content consumption)
  • Keywords (words or phrases people are searching for)
  • Demographics (Who is your audience? Gender, age, income, etc.)
  • Psychographics (Why are they your audience? Hobbies, values, buying habits, etc.)

If you don’t know the details about your ideal audience now, through the course of a campaign, Zero Company can develop this data for you.


For most government agencies, we develop cross-platform campaigns that help you reach those audiences when and where they are online. We utilize a variety of real-time, smart bidding techniques and ad platforms to drive traffic.

SEM is often one of the first tactics we recommend to clients. We’ve bid on millions of keywords across thousands of campaigns. Our advanced tools help refine your search campaigns based on a multitude of real-time bid modifications. It’s not just always appearing on a specific keyword, but making sure you appear there with bid adjustments for the best time of day, the best day of week, the best device (mobile, tablet, desktop), with demographics and geotargets, with audience bid overlays if they have been to your site already or have a particular interest. All of these optimizations (and many more) are why we are a proven, best-in-class digital media agency.
Zero Company provides programmatic display ad buying across a variety of platforms. Banner ads have come a long way since the early days of paid placements. We utilize AI and smart bidding tactics to put your ad in front of the right audience at exactly the right time. Additionally, the tools we use provide important brand safety solutions to help make sure your government agency’s ads are appropriately placed.
Whether your target audience is found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, we have developed successful campaigns for government agencies on a variety of social media platforms. Government agencies have diverse goals. Often, they are branding and educational. Developing a cross-channel campaign on social media can help reinforce your campaign message. For instance, a visitor may arrive at your site from a display ad on a desktop computer. With tracking pixels, we can identify these same visitors on Twitter, for example, while they are on their mobile phone and within your specific geotargets. Our strategists will help you develop a holistic digital media plan for maximum impact.
If you have video assets, we can help engagement to soar. We have a variety of solutions to take advantage of video ads. Whether someone is viewing a YouTube video or on a social network, we’ve driven millions of video ad views at extremely low costs per view. Our account managers have video ad certifications and have received advanced training sessions to provide you with expert video ad buying. This is an often overlooked area, but one our government agencies have utilized with great impact.
We also help our government agency clients with:
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • App Campaigns
  • Gmail Campaigns


At Zero Company, we always strive for continual improvement. To do that, we need to get as clear a picture as possible of your campaign results. Analytics tracking is a vital part of every campaign we develop. One of the first steps to working with any government agency is to assess the level of analytics tracking available and to provide practical solutions and best practices to help you see the impact of your ad campaigns.

Because we use machine-learning algorithms to refine the quality of your traffic, it’s important that we develop strong conversion tracking whenever possible. We help pinpoint important tracking opportunities and use a variety of attribution models to develop effective digital tracking. This is a key element in the foundation of your success as it informs our tools and account managers with valuable data to drive better and better results.


Smart Technology used to happen behind the scenes, today it is integrated directly into the lives everyone. For instance, nearly every person has a smartphone with access to apps that have instant updates on transit, traffic, safety alerts, weather, events and more. These applications have improved people’s quality of life in a new, remarkable way. The access to events unfolding in real-time for city residents is monumental. Understanding how you can integrate your advertising in real-time, in mobile environments and with machine learning to improve results, takes experience.

Government agencies can leverage available consumer data to better understand their audience, demand patterns and response times. Zero Company uses Marketing + Data + Digital Technology to connect Government agencies with their audiences in a meaningful, smart way. Below are some elements utilized:

  • Audience Targeting (get hyper specific)
  • Improve Reach on Mobile (Retargeting/Social Engagement)
  • Increase Engagement on Apps
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns
  • Cross Device Tracking
  • Machine Learning Ad Buying
  • Data Segmentation Tools for Advanced Optimization
Certifications/Company Details:
  • DUNS: 042374898
  • CAGE: 88SF2
  • NAICS: 541613, 541810
  • PSC: R701
  • CA ID: 2013714 (CA Codes: 80140000, 80141505, 80171600, 80171604, 80171702, 82100000, 82101800, 82101801)
  • OR ID: 99639 (OR Codes: 915-01, 915-02, 915-10, 915-22)
  • S-Corporation (Incorporated in 2002)
  • Business Size: Small
Professional Certifications:
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
  • Google Search Advertising Certification
  • Google Display Advertising Certification
  • Google Mobile Advertising Certification
  • Google Video Advertising Certification
  • Google Shopping Advertising Certification
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professionals
  • Trade Desk Optimization & Strategy Certification
  • Trade Desk Targeting & Data Management Certification

Google Premier Partner

Zero Company is one of the top 3% recognized Google Premier Partner Agencies in the country.

To earn Premier Partner status, digital advertising agencies must show exceptional results for their clients over a long period of time. As a Google Premier Partner, we’ve demonstrated excellency in executing successful campaigns through video advertising, Google Display Network, mobile advertising and more. We are pleased to be recognized as a top performing digital marketing agency.