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Below are some of the more popular questions we receive.

Unlike traditional online advertising, pay per click means you pay upon an action — someone interested in your product or service, clicking to visit your site. This is targeted traffic. PPC advertising offers a variety of methods to refine that traffic even further. The effectiveness of this is proven by the billions spent by advertisers every year. It works … and if done right, it can work very, very well.

Your ads may appear at the top of search engines run by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others. Or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They may also will appear on sites like AOL and Amazon that use the search engine content. You can even expand your ad exposure to content sites like the N.Y. Times, CNN and other well-known sites. Often, we also target audiences that follow users around the internet. These all depend on the strategies used.

We work with you to set a daily budget that works for your business. We will help you determine your return on investment, cost per action and earnings per click. With that information, you can determine the amount you’re willing to pay each time your ad is clicked on and you pay only when it gets clicked. You can stop displaying your ads at any time. By working with Zero Company, you agree to the current terms of service of any of the platforms we use, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft search engine marketing programs. Traffic received through these programs is typically paid by direct credit card billing for each of your accounts

It used to be a simple matter of bidding higher to achieve higher results on the search engine results pages. Now, there are variables and algorithms that come into play. There are quality scores that figure into the equation. Zero Company’s certified and accredited staff members are experts at optimizing these quality scores. This saves you money and helps rank you higher.

All of the search engines we work with have protections against activity like competitors clicking on your ads. They want you to get results, so they have technology in place to prevent those kinds of charges. Click on an ad over and over again and it triggers these protections. You won’t see the charges on your bill. Zero Company also will monitor your account for any other anomalies. We also are well-versed in setting up your account to avoid places where click fraud might occur.

Unlike natural search optimization, which has few guarantees and often takes months to see your results climb onto the first pages of search returns, Zero Company can launch a campaign as soon as your site is live and ready to go. Not only that, your results can appear among the top of many listings almost instantly.

Not only are we accredited and certified as Search Engine Marketing specialists with Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, we also have nearly two decades of experience in paid search marketing. We are also ranked as a Top 10 PPC Management Firm by TopSEOs.

We use a standard industry model. Our fees are in addition to your ad spend. They depend on the scope of your campaigns and level of your ad budget. Because our specialists are usually building or rebuilding entire accounts, we also have start-up fees. Please contact a representative to discuss digital marketing strategies and the fees associated with that marketing.

Once you have hired our services, our specialists will work with you to understand your business and clientele. For a standard Google PPC campaign, for example, we will:

• Work with you to define marketing objectives, metrics and budget.

• Deliver a proposal, including ad messaging and PPC budget options as well as some competitor information.

• After creating a proposed ad campaign, we will get approval before launching.

• We will then launch, monitor and modify campaigns to meet the objectives.

• We will share reports from the live campaigns and continue to fine-tune the pipeline.

Simply contact us today or place your order to start services now. Our specialists can have leads and sales flowing your site in a matter of days.