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Zero Company Performance Marketing

May 19, 2014

Mobile app advertising in AdWords is getting more sophisticated by the day. Recently, Google announced several additional features to help those marketing apps.  With AdWords, you can promote your app on a pay per click ad basis to very targeted audiences. Apps for Android apps will only appear on Android

Zero Company Performance Marketing

May 16, 2014

We’re loving the new ability to apply AdWords scripts across all our client accounts through Google’s new MCC scripting. This week we implemented a script that compares client data from the previous day, last week and last 30 days. We set it up in the MCC account using labels for

Zero Company Performance Marketing

January 21, 2013

Where is your advertising dollar being spent? According to a report by ZenithOptimedia, digital media will grow by 18.1% in 2013. That rate of growth is triple the second-fastest-growing source. Last year digital advertising grew 14.4%, according to Magna, which outpaced previous forcasts for the year. Total internet spending is

Zero Company Performance Marketing

October 31, 2012

What are Sitelinks and why are they important? Sitelinks appear in select PPC ads (usually top ranking ads) as additional links in your ad copy. These ad extensions are an excellent way to improve CTRs (Click Through Rates) in your ad copy and squeeze more traffic from existing keywords. Many