This article shares best practices in PPC for advertising your pet company that can boost your online presence and bring targeted traffic to your website.

The amazing spread of the Internet in the past decades has helped grow and even given birth to many businesses across every imaginable industry. However, an interesting irony is that many businesses are now finding it more challenging to compete with their rivals on the same World Wide Web at present time.

This should not be surprising because nearly every business that exists on the face of the planet today has its own website. As a result, many companies now find it harder—and also more important than ever before—to increase their online presence to keep their business not only alive but thriving.

With its global value of $261 billion (according to the World Animal Foundation), the pet industry is not spared by this challenge. If your business is selling pet-related products and/or offering pet-related services, it’s essential that your website effectively shows what you offer and why pet owners should trust you for the well-being of their pets. At the same time, your brand needs to establish an authentic connection with pet lovers in the online world since they’re the ones who are most likely to become supporters and loyal customers of your business.

The good news for you is that there’s a powerful digital marketing tool that your pet company can use to achieve those goals, and that is pay-per-click advertising (or PPC ads).

How Running PPC Ads Can Help Your Pet Business Thrive

PPC ads are digital ads that can target your pet company’s ideal customers online with amazing precision. As a result, you can gain benefits in the form of increased website traffic and, in the long run, more sales or revenues from your pet products and services.

As the global demand for pet-related products and services continues to rise, PPC advertising has become a vital marketing strategy for pet companies that want to reach more pet owners and engage with more pet lovers on the Internet.

If you’re planning to launch PPC campaigns for your pet company—or if you’re already running one or several PPC ads—it’s important for you to learn the best practices in PPC campaigns in order to get optimal results.

Here are our top four recommendations for pet businesses that are using PPC ads for marketing:

owner in a pet store chose a bed

PPC Advertising for Pet Companies - Tip #1: Know Everything that You Can About the Pet Industry

Before setting up your PPC campaign, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a deep and thorough understanding of the market you’re serving (or entering, if you’re a startup).

You need to conduct market research to learn the trends in the pet industry, the qualities that pet owners have in common, and other important information about pet owners. This may include things like the shows they watch (e.g., The Dog Whisperer), the brands they support (perhaps cruelty-free brands like The Body Shop), and more. By thoroughly knowing their needs, pain points, preferences, etc., you’ll have powerful data in the palm of your hand that can serve as the strong backbone of a solid and effective PPC advertising campaign.

Pay-per-click ads that are designed with your target audience’s characteristics in mind will be more likely to appeal to them and steer them into your desired action. Such ads can help them genuinely connect with your brand, making it easier to turn them into your customers.

PPC Advertising for Pet Companies - Tip #2: Have Crystal-Clear Objectives for Your PPC Ads

Get this: Successful PPC campaigns have clearly defined objectives. It’s entirely up to your pet company’s discretion to set what you’d like your campaign to achieve, but the most common goals are growth in website traffic, lead generation, enhanced brand awareness, and higher sales.

Whatever your objective or objectives may be, you need to make sure that they’re specific and measurable. Fortunately, the second part is easy since PPC ad platforms feature powerful dashboards and provide in-depth reports on each of your PPC campaigns’ performance. So the only thing you need to handle is ensuring that your goals are specific enough and are tied to your overall business objectives.

PPC Advertising for Pet Companies - Tip #3: Perform Exhaustive Keyword Research

keyword researchKeywords are the star when it comes to PPC advertising because they dictate where and when your PPC ads will be shown to users. For your pet business, you need to perform comprehensive keyword research to find the most valuable keywords in your industry and even for your specific market and/or region.

We recommend including both broad (or general) and long-tail (or more specific) keywords to catch a more extensive range of search queries. There are plenty of keyword research tools that you can find online for this purpose (some are even available for free). You may also conduct competitor analysis to gain insights from your rivals in the pet market, which can help you optimize your own keywords.

PPC Advertising for Pet Companies - Tip #4: Craft Persuasive Copy for Your PPC Ads

Your ad copy can actually make all the difference in your PPC campaign. After all, it’s what users see right away. It can either entice users to click on your ad to go to your PPC landing page or make them keep scrolling.

We recommend that you create ad copy that’s engaging, clear, and concise. Make sure that you clearly communicate the unique value proposition of your pet products or services—and the challenge here lies in the limited amount of characters you can use. That’s why a concise yet clear copy is crucial.

Make sure that you highlight the benefits of what you offer. If you have a special offer (like a sale, freebie, or some other type of promotion), make sure that it’s enticing enough. You can check this by conducting a focus group discussion or a survey before setting up your PPC campaign.

We also suggest incorporating powerful words that pet owners can relate to, along with emotional triggers that can inspire pet lovers to take action. The exact words and triggers would come from your extensive research of the pet industry. That’s why it’s essential to deeply know your target customers if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Expert Hands For Setting Up or Managing Your Pet Company’s PPC Ads

To recap, four of the best practices when it comes to PPC ad campaigns for pet companies advertising are thoroughly studying the pet market, setting clear PPC campaign objectives, doing comprehensive keyword research before launching a campaign, and writing compelling copy for your ad.

If you need expert hands in setting up or running PPC campaigns for your pet business, Zero Company’s PPC ad experts would gladly give you a hand.

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