Find out how you can achieve a stronger online presence and gain more patrons by leveraging 2023 trends in paid social media for SaaS and tech marketing.

If your tech company works in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, you should be aware that business has been booming lately.

For one, SaaS spending is expected to rise in 2023 by 11.3 percent. In addition to that, more than 70 percent of companies already use SaaS products. That number is expected to grow all the way to 85 percent in 2025.

While this steady growth and patronage should bode well for any tech or SaaS company, this also means that you’ll be facing stiff competition from others who wish to get a piece of that market.

In light of all this, you should look into learning how to turn clicks into clients using paid socials. What works for the home service industry seems to also work pretty well for SaaS and tech marketing.

That’s why in this article, we’ve rounded up the latest trends in paid social, which can tremendously help your tech company establish itself on the Web.

Video Marketing is All the Rage

video marketingLocal SaaS SEO isn’t the only actionable strategy for growth. There’s more than one way to skin a cat: other promotional techniques can be used aside from PPC ads for your SaaS company.

In a previous post, we’ve covered three ways in which paid socials can help SaaS companies scale. Essentially, social media marketing encourages conversion; it lets you target in fine detail who’ll see your ads, and gives access to detailed analytics as well.

On top of that, video marketing is becoming all the rage in social media, so you can achieve all of those three while riding trends like this.

Paid socials improve your conversion rates, let you target your audience better, and give you detailed insights built right into the sites themselves.

You can use your smartphone’s native camera app or any of various free video making apps or websites.

Video marketing allows your tech or SaaS company to do the following:

  • Produce a product demo of your SaaS offerings. This is also a great solution if you don’t offer a free trial period.
  • Showcase the issues that your specific SaaS app solves
  • Feature satisfied users who’ll vouch for your product in testimonials
  • Show video tips and tricks on how to use your app properly and effectively

Among the top websites online, TikTok (arguably the spiritual successor of Vine) and YouTube (which now features Vine-like YouTube shorts) are social media websites that deal exclusively with video.

Facebook and Instagram also allow TikTok-like video shorts, and both also prioritize video posts over photos. Perhaps as a result of this, an astounding 82 percent of all Internet traffic is now made up of online video accounts.

Micro SaaS Should Go Hand-in-Hand with Small-Scale Paid Socials Promotion

Instead of going “Go big or go home”, SaaS startups can instead follow the truism, “Great things start from small beginnings” and try finding a niche for micro SaaS. In line with the do-it-yourself feel of social media marketing using mostly free promotional tools available to all, your SaaS tech company should approach SaaS in the same way. Micro SaaS solves the issues of a niche or a specific market segment of users.
  • Small-Scale DIY Promotion: Startups and small businesses have no choice but to go small-scale, since micro SaaS is SaaS built by a small team or an individual (like many social media promotional accounts).
  • Low Yield Yet Lightweight Business Model: Even though niche markets with micro SaaS yield smaller revenue, their overhead costs are affordable as well.
  • Micro SaaS for the Niche Market: These products use minimal resources so your promotion of them should probably target a similarly minimal niche market. If it uses pre-existing no-code tools, then it should be promoted using affordable paid socials.

Edutainment Ad Content is Making a Comeback

Educational entertainment or “edutainment” trends used to rule the airwaves of the television and video game industries. Who knew that it will also become a trend in paid socials and SEM in 2023?

Aside from using entertainment to educate children, you can use this format to better engage your users. There’s a lot of value in making entertaining and informative content, particularly in the realm of the tech industry and SaaS.

In fact, in 2022, major YouTube edutainment brand “Game Theory” got sold to a startup called Lunar X. In that same year, fintech also benefited from sharing save-worthy videos on TikTok.

Your paid social ad becomes more than just an ad if you use it to educate your target users more about the world of SaaS and how they can benefit from these highly accessible cloud-platform app solutions.

Demonstrating Seamless Integration in SaaS and Paid Socials

Another key SaaS marketing trend in 2023 is seamless integration between apps. In turn, even if it’s mostly by design or through visual language, your paid socials should also integrate with one another, just like seamless integration apps.

Integrating your brand in your social media posts provides people with greater opportunities for engagement with your content. What this means is that, your paid socials should share and produce similar info as your product to establish your branding and maintain synergy between them.

Social media under Meta already encourages seamless integration by allowing Facebook users to repost the same post on Instagram and vice-versa.

This is particularly easy with Facebook and Instagram, in light of both belonging under the Meta umbrella. In fact, Meta encourages posting redundant content, such that there’s an option to easily repost an Instagram post on Facebook and vice-versa.

Strong integration between social networks likewise gives your target audience the sense of a strong brand identity. Apple is one of the best companies when it comes to this.

Go for UX That is the Same But Different

technology and web design conceptLast but not least, if you can advertise on paid socials how the user experience (UX) on your SaaS solutions is different, unique to your company, and better than the competition, that can bring amazing results to your company this year and possibly beyond.

Arguably, UX and social media are two sides of the same coin. Showcasing your SaaS UX on your paid social posts, screenshots, testimonials, and video shorts can lessen user frustration, increase user satisfaction, and reduce churn rates while also engaging your audience more.

Do not underestimate the power of UX because apps that offer a more enjoyable and easy user experience will ensure your users will always go back for more. Your web and app UX should be unique to your brand but the same across all promotional platforms related to your brand.

We recommend having your differentiated branding and messaging all over your socials and products without compromising UX.

Having a product that can sell itself is half of the effort of marketing, after all. It likewise pays to make your SaaS app and your website itself uniform when it comes to design to achieve better marketing results.

Does Your SaaS or Tech Company Need a Trusted Partner for Paid Socials?

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