Learn how to use PPC advertising to promote your home services biz to widen your reach and increase your revenues.

Pay per click advertising involves putting bids for ad placement on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of high traffic sites. It’s an affordable way for home service businesses to advertise their services on the World Wide Web.

Through in-house PPC management or PPC advertising services from an experienced digital marketing agency, your home service company will have an ad that can be seen by thousands or even millions of your target customers who are actively looking for plumbers, A/C cleaners, or whatever type of experts your business has. Since it’s in the form of paid advertisements, PPC marketing services are much less affected by changes in the Google or Bing algorithm (compared to, say, search engine optimization).

In previous blogs, we discussed how your business can build a powerful strategy for paid marketing. We’ve also shared success tips in using paid social media ads for your home services company. Now it’s time to talk about how pay per click advertising services can elevate your home service business’s online reach using strategic advertising and highly targeted traffic.

The Pivotal Role of Keywords in Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising enables potential customers to see your home service ads whenever they search for keywords related to those services on Google and other search engines or websites. Instead of being ignored among a long list of results for, let’s say, “home service mechanics”, PPC advertising services make your business stand out, making it more likely for people to want to be interested in what you offer.

However, you might be worried about your big business competition and their bigger budgets. Will they dominate search results thanks to bigger ad spend? After all, not all home service companies have national-level or multinational-level budgets. How can you compete against the keyword bids of larger companies for PPC advertising?

Speaking as PPC specialists, we advise you to relax and do not underestimate your creativity and marketing savvy. Pay per click advertising isn’t about brute-forcing your way to buy up ad space. Instead, what’s more important is a well-planned pay per click advertising strategy. If you need any help or guidance in optimizing your keyword bids, you can team up with a digital advertising agency like Zero Company.

Even startups can use keyword creativity and savvy strategies to achieve success in pay per click advertising

By targeting the right keywords for your home service business, you can have your fair share of Internet exposure through creative keyword research—instead of paying big bucks for random high-volume keywords and getting negligible or minimal results.

Why PPC Advertising is Like Paid SEO

Pay per click advertising services are like a backdoor to the front page of Google or an alternative to Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) when it comes to making your website seen by the people you’re targeting.

If your competition is better at optimizing their websites for Google, Bing, or even social media like Twitter and Facebook search, you can “cut the line” using professional PPC advertising services.

You won’t need to go through the headache of Local SEO trial-and-error to get a good position at the top of the SERPs. Your ads will be shown above organic results, which compels users to click your ad when researching things related to your business offerings.

With the right pay per click advertising services, no matter what algorithm changes occur, your ads remain at a good position. This is crucial because most people only look and click at the top results on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Effective PPC Management Services Require Specific Keyword Choices

When using PPC advertising services, you’ll have a higher chance of converting potential customers or leads into actual paying customers based on how convincing your advertising copy is.

A smart shortcut is to figure out the keywords of your competition and then come up with keyword variations or key phrase alternatives that they don’t currently have PPC ads for, and use those as your target keywords.

You can also reuse the keywords you’ve used for optimizing your website on Google and Bing and make bids for PPC ad placement around those. What home service companies need to search for are specific keywords like “carpet cleaning”, “home improvement stores”, “bathroom remodeling”, “garage door repair”, “appliance repair”, “home cleaning services”, and the like. From there, craft copies for your PPC advertising campaign that target your ideal customers’ pain points (for example, write a caption about how expensive remodeling bathrooms are) and perhaps also give them some irresistible offer in the form of a discount.

Other Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising in Promoting Home Services

Pay per click advertising services enable faster business growth through highly targeted traffic. As mentioned above, PPC focuses on strategic keyword bids and placement rather than just blindly paying for a large swath of keywords.

Your home service business can even bid on highly specific keywords—like “plumbing services, “electrical contractors”, and “water heater repair”—and target specific areas by adding your serviced city to the keyword, for example. It saves users the trouble of having to pore through hundreds or even thousands of SERPs just to find your awesome services. PPC marketing will offer them relevant information on a silver platter.

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