In this article, you’ll learn how you can avoid committing the top mistakes in local SEO services for pet marketing.

As a pet company, you’re probably interested in digital strategies, specifically on-page SEO services,  to gain the business of pet owners or pet lovers. The Internet, after all, is the new TV or radio, and in this platform, local SEO services thrive.

About 5.3 billion people have an Internet connection, and many of your target audience enjoy watching all those YouTube shorts of dancing cats, TikToks of cute dogs, reels of lovely birds,  and pretty much any other animal-related videos.

Local SEO is one of the tools you can use to spread the word about your doggy treats, kitty litter supply, bird feed, or whatever other pet products or services you offer. With that in mind, there’s a right and wrong way to go about using on-page SEO services.

For instance, pet owners will appreciate you writing a blog or making a story-based ad about “Types of hypoallergenic cat toys” or “chemical-free pet snacks” more, compared to just lazily putting those terms over and over in each of your web updates.

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the best marketing strategies used by SEO specialists for YouTube pet video ad campaigns and paid social media pet ad campaigns.

This time, we’ll cover the mistakes you might accidentally commit when applying local SEO services in your pet marketing campaigns.

The Right and Wrong of Local SEO Services for Pet Marketing

Following the correct way to use local SEO services can help ensure your success because you’ll be basing your website content, design, and user experience on what your prospective customers are interested in. This makes it easier to herd them towards your call-to-action and toward a sale.

Badly implemented professional SEO services are usually half-hearted and result in no improvement. They may work sometimes but usually they deliver disheartening results that are far from what you planned for and expected from an expert SEO company.

Instead of growing your pet company, neglecting expert SEO practices can cost you highly targeted traffic, engagement, and advertising spend. It can even lose you sales or make things worse for your website if Google or Bing ends up marking your page as spam.

Local SEO services can be a double-edged sword: when applied wrong, they can result in negative exposure or Google banning your site from showing up on any of its SERPs.

For example, if you were to indulge in keyword stuffing with the mistaken belief that this is a valid local SEO tactic, SEO experts believe that you’ll only sabotage or waste your efforts and get a negative result.  High-density keyword stuffing looks spammy to both users and Google.

Even if, say, your doggy kibble website uses relevant keywords, if they’re used in every sentence in an unreadable way, they’ll be marked as irrelevant keywords and your SERP ranking can suffer. SEO marketing experts from an experienced SEO marketing agency like Zero Company know this basic concept and are pros at using better and more effective tactics.

You don’t want to read or hear the same keywords over and over again on text, right? This should not be how pet marketing services contribute to your business. Your readers don’t want that either.

What SEO Experts Know About Keyword Stuffing

what are your keywordsAccording to SEO specialists, websites like Google and Bing have algorithms that directly penalize keyword stuffing in their bid to free up their SERPs from spam websites.

Even if the Google bots won’t mark your website and its high keyword density as clickbait or spam, your handful of visitors can definitely flag it as such.

The right way to do things is to create interesting blog posts about the keywords you’ve gathered from your competitors or from websites like SEMRush and Ahrefs. Make sure your content is informative, high-quality, and readable. This is more likely to lead to higher organic visits and satisfied visitors. Thus, you’ll have more leads you can convert into potential buyers of your dog harnesses, pet-safe collars, and so on.

For instance, competent SEO agencies like Zero Company advise that it’s much more humane to use harnesses (instead of neck-restrictive collars that could choke a poor canine or feline) and would advise your pet company to highlight this. So you can create an infographic or a YouTube video on your landing page that discusses that topic as part of your pet product marketing campaign.

The content is relevant to the keywords because you wrote or shot a video directly about the keyword. Its relevance also makes marketing your pet products and/or services more natural and seamless.


The Risk of Devaluing Page Speed When Doing Onsite SEO

Slow page speed can torpedo your local SEO efforts pretty badly. Expert-level search engine optimization services should take into consideration that Google highly values page speed.

You can have the most optimized website on earth, but if you have loading times from the 1990s, you may just find your pet company website at the bottom of the SERP pile.

Make sure to optimize your website with dynamic web design, CSS, and a lightweight version for mobile. Not only will Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go reward you with higher SERP placement. Your target buyers will also be more likely to respond positively to your CTAs, leading to more sales.

Slow-loading pages with high bounce rates result in poor user experience. Thus, Google might not want to touch your pet company website with a ten-foot pole. So fix your load times through image compression, code minimization, and browser cache leveraging. Also take advantage of the plugins available in CMS like WordPress to optimize page speed by web design.

As a startup or medium-sized business, if your marketing team doesn’t have the capacity to do all of those, you may seek help from Zero Company, a reliable Orange County SEO company that offers affordable search engine optimization services.

Beware of Duplicate Content When Doing Whitehat SEO

One of the reddest of red flags that makes the Google algorithm to treat a website as spam is the presence of duplicate content.

Most SEO experts emphasize the importance of unique or fresh content. They also regularly scour the web for the latest unique content, favoring newer pages over older ones.

Be wary about copy-pasting text too recklessly even if it's your own text, but even more if it's someone else's text.

Some pet supply websites try to take advantage of this local SEO tendency to favor fresh content by recycling old content in their newer pages. However, some of them end up getting penalized. Instead, they should have rewritten or updated their old content so that it’s not viewed as duplicate content. After all, their website will get penalized if they have multiple copies of the same content in different areas of their website.

Make sure that each of your pet company website’s pages contain unique, reworded (if previously published), and valuable content—or be fresh content about the latest news and developments in the pet industry.

Why Your Pet Business Should Choose Zero as Your SEO Company

For more than 20 years now, Zero Company’s team of SEO specialists have been providing professional SEO services to businesses like pet companies. On top of affordable search engine optimization services (including SEO audit service), we also offer a wide range of related digital marketing services like PPC advertising, social media marketing (on Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), and more.

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