In this article, you’ll discover the secrets of how to build your paid social home services marketing strategy one tactic at a time.

The home service industry—alongside groceries and general merchandise—has shown to be one of the most stable business categories even during the very problematic era of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re a home service provider, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot! The worldwide online home services market is projected to grow from $4.09 billion last year to $4.66 billion this year!

Even as the U.S. government has lifted travel restrictions for COVID-19, the public has already gotten a taste of the convenience of home services and they just can’t get enough. In our previous blogs, we discussed different paid social trends for pet companies and how to use paid socials to grow SaaS companies.

This time, let’s dive into the different paid social tactics you can use for marketing your home services.

Harness the Power of a Unified Paid Social Marketing Strategy

If you can harness the power of paid social media to market ETFs then you can also do the same when it comes to marketing your home services to target customers. You just need an integrated strategy for it.

This should result in more satisfactory sales results and prospective customer engagement. The more unified and coherent your message the stronger it will come across.

Whether it's establishing your corporate identity or simply coming up with a social media brand, consistency in messaging remains crucial across all channels.

If you’ve been promoting your home service company through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, there are still ways to boost their effectiveness by developing a more coherent paid social marketing strategy.

This remains true whether your home service involves food delivery, deep cleaning and maintenance, or handyman services. In fact, it’s Marketing 101.

Just remember that when laying the foundations of a unified marketing strategy using paid social media for your home service company, it should be done brick by brick or tactic by tactic.

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Post Regularly and Consistently on Your Socials

One of the ways to establish or build your paid social home services marketing strategy is to post regularly and consistently on your organic social media feeds. After all, most (if not all) users usually check the page that put up the paid ad that piqued their interest.

It helps to come up with a message and stick with it to make your regular posting count. Infrequent posting can make your potential customers think that you don’t care about them. However, posting constantly doesn’t necessarily mean posting every day.

Posting too much can actually hurt your home service business. As with most things in life, moderation is key. Don’t spread yourself too thin or too thick. You want to engage your potential customers over time instead of once weekly—but with content that delivers value.

Avoid posting irrelevant content to keep your marketing strategy as clean and consistent as possible, and make sure that all of your posts are on brand.

Partner with Influencers Whenever Possible

Additionally, partner with influencers and micro-influencers whenever you can. They’re the online equivalent of celebrity endorsers for the current generation of active social media users.

Influencer marketing is all the rage nowadays, and you can definitely feature one in your paid social media ads. Just follow the rules to get the best results from your lead generation campaign. Make sure to do your research and due diligence in regards to the influencer’s reputation.

Even if you can’t afford to pay the influencer in cash, maybe you can work out an arrangement in which you offer them free cleaning services (or whatever home service you offer) for a year in exchange for their video testimonial, which you’ll use as a social media ad.

Make sure that the influencer you work with isn’t just spamming your social media followers, which could alienate (instead of entice) target customers to your business.

If you own or run a small-to-medium home service business, it may be best to collaborate with micro-influencers. They are more accessible to the average small business compared to national influencers that get business from much bigger companies. If you don’t know any, some online research can help you discover some popular faces in your city or a rising star in the industry you’re serving whom you can contact for a potential partnership.

Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

hashtagHashtags can be very helpful, so don’t forget to use them. These short phrases or words that follow a pound sign (“#”) help contextualize your every social media post. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all use them to help categorize posts, making it easier for users to discover posts they may like.

If you’re a home service interior decorator, popular hashtags to consider using are #interiordecorator and #interiordecoration. You can also add the city you wish to attract prospective customers from, as in #interiordecoratorphoenix or #interiordecoratoraustin, and so on.

These hashtags allow your potential customers to find your post and its links to your website or landing page, thus increasing your traffic and leads. Keep doing other tactics to grow your followers so that you can attract more potential leads from their own followers or network as well.

You can also promote your hashtag campaign on YouTube Shorts or TikTok. Just make sure to use relevant and popular hashtags you’ve found through research (we at Zero Company can help you do this for you).

Keep Content Relevant and Make Sure to Promote, Promote, Promote

Always keep every paid social post relevant to your target customers. According to an InfoSys study, 42 percent of target customers who receive irrelevant content from a brand unsubscribe from that brand. So if you have a post that’s unrelated to the trending topic, it may be best to skip it rather than forcing it. There might be a better time to use that in the future.

Any search engine or social network worth its salt will punish any spammy tweet algorithmically, especially when your prospective customers start reporting your posts. Adding a few hashtags to your irrelevant post to make it relevant will only make things worse and make your post look spammy.

It’s better to keep your tweets related to, for example, #homeservicescleaning and #airconditioningcleaning instead of trying to shoehorn yourself under unrelated trending topics like #titanicsubmarine or #titansubmersible.

Don’t forget to consistently post the same message—not necessarily repost the same post—across all your social media. It takes just a few seconds to repurpose, say, a Facebook post, into a tweet for Twitter, an Instagram square graphic, and so on.

Maximize Your Consistency by Finding Your Branding, Voice, Personality, or Message

Remember, while the foundation of your home services social media marketing strategy is made up of individual tactics like hashtags and influencer partnerships, the overarching strategy is still your company branding, messaging, and mission-vision-objective.

Consistently delivering mixed messages to your potential customers through your paid socials might produce the opposite effect that you’re going for. They might end up viewing your chaotic messaging as white noise.

To build your paid social home services marketing strategy properly, you need to come up with a great message, even if it’s something as simple as your brand being better and more affordable than your competitors. Disambiguate what you mean from there.

Figure out what sets your home services company apart from other businesses, then use that to promote yourself through your paid socials.

What is in it for your prospective customers or paid social followers to patronize your business specifically? What sets your home service plumbing, A/C cleaning, apartment prepping, or home improvement services apart from the rest?

Finally, you can help make your company’s branding stand out in the form of a mascot or even model workers. Have something or someone for your prospective customers to identify with. This is part of marketing 101.

Need Help in Developing Your Own Paid Social Home Services Marketing Strategy?

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