Learn the secrets to gaining more pet owners as your customers through this helpful quick guide to paid social media for your pet company’s marketing.

The United States pet market has grown by $76.80 billion so far in 2023, and it’s expected to reach all the way to $98.30 billion in value by 2028. Meanwhile, more than 4.26 billion people globally were already using social networks just 2 years ago (in 2021), and this number is expected to grow to 6 billion by 2027.

If you’re doing marketing for your pet company at present, there are a myriad of reasons for you to include paid social media as one of your strategies. In our previous blog posts, we’ve already tackled how you can boost your pet store’s online presence with expert SEO and why pet firms need optimized landing pages for PPC ads.

This article will serve as a quick guide for your pet company’s  marketing using paid social media.

Social Media is the Home of Pet Pictures and Memes

dogs taking selfieYour pet store’s main objectives are likely to build meaningful relationships with your pet owner customers and make money. This applies to any business, but somehow more so with pet companies.

Your pet company can appeal to the emotions of your target customers to encourage them to buy sacks of your dog food, bags of your kitty litter sand, or your miscellaneous accessories for their furry friends, such as collars, dishes, toys, and treats. Whatever pet-related item or service you’re selling or promoting online, you’re going to benefit from using paid social.

Paid socials have the power to favorably position your pet company’s website online. Even with COVID-19 restrictions lifted, most people still depend on online shopping to get their pet supplies. Digital marketing has become the go-to solution when it comes to executing affordable yet effective promotions for pet company startups and small to medium businesses alike, giving them virtually equal marketing capabilities as big pet companies.

Pet companies and paid socials are a match made in heaven because social media is the home of dog or cat photos and memes, which people just LOVE.

You can engage potential customers of your pet-related business by using tips about how they can take good care of their pets and turning those into ads. You may also use fun videos featuring different pets on your social media pages as advertisements for your pet products, and so on. You may also leverage the incredible power of memes about pets, which many online users really love.

Let them feel the passion that your company has in keeping their fur babies happy, fed, bathed, and healthy through your creative social media ads.

You can use carousel ads to feature your colorful leashes made of non-toxic materials, or video ads showing a happy shih tzu dancing in your pet grooming salon, and so on. The more you can attract and engage pet owners with your paid ads on social—whatever type of ad you may have chosen—the more likely you can convert them into consumers of your pet-related products and/or services.

Why You Need to Establish an Online Presence for Your Pet Company

It can get tricky establishing an online presence for a pet store, veterinary clinic, pet supplies company, pet accessories supplier, and the like. After all, every business seems to be jumping on the bandwagon!

The pet industry is one of the few sectors that flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic: 78 percent of recent pet owners actually acquired their pets during that time, so competition has become even stiffer. The outlook for the industry is also promising in 2023 despite the rising costs of vet care and food.

If you’re a pet supply company that only operates with brick-and-mortar stores, you’re missing out on the huge opportunity for business growth in light of the pet boom.

It makes perfect sense to pay more attention to your paid social media ads for your pet marketing, whether you’re advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, or any other social media platform.

People have gotten used to spending a lot of time online since they’ve been online for the past few years due to COVID-19 restrictions. Having an online presence with paid socials has become a non-negotiable element of marketing that your pet company simply cannot—and should not—do without.

Pet Company Branding in the Social Media Landscape

Branding has existed long before the Internet did. It’s been applied to many media, from print ads to magazine spreads to radio jingles and to TV commercials.

Even if you’re still a small pet business, you can greatly benefit from good branding. It’s not something that’s exclusive for multinational pet food corporations or other established pet businesses. You can use branding in your paid social media campaigns (and throughout all of your social media content and pages) to give your pet company a unique personality amidst a sea of competitors.

Social media branding is all about establishing a uniform message, identity, and personality across all of your pet company’s assets—including your paid social ads.

Pet company branding in the social media landscape involves sharing content that uniformly showcases the distinctiveness of your brand. Typically, a brand can be distinguished using the logo, messaging, and colors on your website and other assets, including your ads across various social media platforms.

Make sure that you don’t send mixed messages to your prospects by keeping as many of the elements of your marketing campaigns uniform and aligned with one another. This way, when pet owners develop an interest in your pet company through your paid social media ads, they won’t get confused or turned off by dissimilar posts.

Uniformity and consistency in your posts will help develop trust and attract new customers as you build brand recognition that can lead to more sales and growth for your pet company.

Does Your Pet Company Need a Trusted Paid Social Media Partner?

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