In this post, you’ll discover how you can easily set up YouTube Video Campaigns: Pet Company Marketing Strategies that work!

There’s intense competition in the pet industry, which means that businesses catering to pet owners need to constantly innovate when it comes to their products and services.

Luckily, there’s a marketing strategy that can be of great help in this area: YouTube video campaigns.

We’ve already examined some of the fundamentals in pet product marketing and how paid social media can revolutionize pet company marketing. It’s now time to take a look at how YouTube video campaigns can be one of your most potent pet company marketing strategies.

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YouTube Ads Make Perfect Sense for Pet Marketing

First of all, videos tend to be more memorable to people than simple text on banner ads. YouTube advertising can make your unique stories understood and unforgettable.

With YouTube, your pet business can reach up to 2 billion monthly logged-in users who can see your paid ads on their million-view or billion-view videos. One of the most popular ways to appeal to pet owners is usually through cute cat videos, videos about rescued pets, or even memes about dogs and cats or the animal world at large. Videos that are fun, interesting, or intriguing usually have the best impact.

Pet videos are effective in tugging at the heartstrings as well as purse strings of Internet users.

One of the best types of videos to insert pet product ads that aren’t jarring to viewers are in those featuring rescues of pets. Those are great places to remind them to buy pet food or accessories, if those are in line with your business.

What's New in The World of YouTube Advertising

hand holding mobile phone with youtube appA DIY approach to video advertising can be helpful for pet businesses with a limited budget. However, if you’d like to ensure the best returns from your advertising spend, it’s best to avail of YouTube advertising services from an experienced digital marketing agency like Zero Company.

Paid ads give you more reach and maximize your ad spend by ensuring that the right viewers see your ads.

It’s important to know the difference between running a paid social media campaign or PPC ad and advertising on YouTube.

On one hand, this platform has specific creative constraints that differ from PPC campaigns depending on what type of ad you get—in-feed video ad, skippable in-stream ad, non-skippable in-stream ad, or bumper ad. On the other hand, YouTube offers much more creative freedom, allowing you to use audio, visual, and text components in each ad in, for example, a 6-second non-skippable bumper ad.

More Rigorous Safety Efforts for Pet Ad Placement

Our YouTube advertising agency has your back when it comes to making the most out of your YouTube Ads. We can keep you updated on the latest changes and improvements that the service offers in order to better target pet owners on the platform. For example, YouTube has been pushing to protect advertisers like you and your target audience from harmful content, with such efforts continuing since November of last year.

They’ve actually updated their terms of service to include “specific guidelines” to prevent ads from being placed on adult content, with “clearer language” on that end. This guarantees that your heartwarming pet ads for veterinary services won’t be placed on anything mature or sexual.

They also specifically made a commitment to prevent placement of ads on videos with drug-related content, inappropriate language, sensitive events, harmful or dangerous acts, violence, or adult content.

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Targeted Pet Ads Based on User Search History

One of the advantages of paid social media is that you can set your ads to target only a certain segment or demographic of pet lovers based on their age, geographic location, and type of pet.

You can do this as well on YouTube as long as you know how to optimize the settings of your YouTube ad campaign. You’ll be prompted to select a campaign type (video) and goal before setting the budget and your miscellaneous settings.

YouTube’s ability to reach more viewers, specifically mobile viewers, has allowed it to really grow in terms of ad revenue since a few years back.

We can even help you leverage YouTube to target specific prospective buyers based on their Google search history along with their viewing behaviors. Putting in the right keywords will allow YouTube to target your ads—whether you’re a pet grooming salon in Manhattan or a dry pet food supplier in Van Nuys—to your most valuable (and relevant!) audience members so that your ads would feel less like intrusions and more like helpful reminders.

The YouTube ads algorithm has become sophisticated enough to place your pet ads on videos directly related to your target audience based on their user data.

The Importance of Targeting Pet Owners

Now that pet marketers can direct ads to their target customers who’ve recently searched for certain products or services related to your pet business, you’re more likely to hit your campaign goals—whether that’s increased traffic or clicks on your website, lead generation, and so on.

Now instead of trying to get your ad viewed by millions of users in order to target hundreds of thousands of pet owners, you can target that specific demographic from the start, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

For example, if you’re a pet groomer in Manhattan, you can ask YouTube to target individuals who have recently searched for “pet groomers in manhattan” or “Manhattan local pet groomer”. On top of that, you can target people who watch Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer” episodes or “Animal Planet” video clips on YouTube.

YouTube has audience targeting tools available to make this easier for you. If you need expert help, you can work with an online marketing agency like Zero Company to get the best results from your YouTube Ads campaign.

Audio Ads and Related Advertising Costs

person cutting paper with word cost written on it

You need to make sure that you stick to your advertising budget while still getting great results. One strategy you can try is to create pet product jingles and other audio ads on popular YouTube podcasts and music videos using the site’s new “Clubhouse” social media app.

Your YouTube ad campaign can now use audio-only ads as if you’re advertising for the radio. This is particularly effective for pet companies that already have a solid brand voice.

The cost of YouTube ads depends on the views. Each view can cost anywhere from 10 to 30 cents, depending on your target keywords and industry. The pet industry is right up there in terms of expensive ads, so make sure that you make every cent count in your set daily budget.

Does Your Pet Company Need a Digital Media Advertising Agency?

If you want to get expert advice and practical tips when it comes to promoting your pet company, get in touch with Zero Company. Our social media advertising agency can help you boost your online profile and reach thousands of potential buyers of your pet care products and/or services.

Consult our YouTube experts today for free! They know the ins and outs of YouTube Ads and can competently guide you in your YouTube campaign.