Discover effective campaign strategies that use video content in the form of YouTube ads in SaaS marketing.

As a SaaS company, you have to use every advantage you can get to stay afloat in the highly competitive software and tech industry.

SEO isn’t the only effective SaaS marketing strategy for promoting your product on the web. Software and tech companies can execute different tactics in marketing for SaaS. For example, you can execute a content marketing strategy in the form of a blog post, which can direct organic traffic to your landing pages. You may also employ a paid type of marketing strategy like PPC ads and paid media (e.g., paid social media) to scale your business.

YouTube advertising is as good a place as any to make your mark. After all, who doesn’t want to advertise to the 2 billion monthly logged-in users on YouTube?

In this article, we’ll cover a number of effective marketing campaign strategies you can use to maximize your YouTube campaign for SaaS marketing, to ultimately increase the traffic to your website or landing pages, and boost your software sales.

What Makes YouTube Ads Perfect For SaaS Marketing

When it comes to YouTube advertisements, it’s crucial to make your unique stories understood and unforgettable. Video advertising tends to be more memorable to people than just text on banner ads. Since the popular idiom goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”— using video advertising for your paid media campaign must be worth a million words!

In fact, paid YouTube mobile ads are 84 percent more likely to grab viewers’ attention than TV ads in the 2020s. They’re considered the TV commercials of the new millennium.

hand holding mobile phone with youtube app

YouTube ads are the new TV commercials for Millennials (Gen Y) and Zoomers (Gen Z) since most of them spend their time online.

Make sure to remind your potential customers about the strong points of your software product through the videos on your YouTube channel. using an online storage, calendar app, or whatever your software is by, say, showcasing the tediousness of installing overpriced apps by CD or DVD or as part of prepackaged extras.

The best place to advertise online-based SaaS to your ideal customers is through Google Display Network Ads on YouTube, which ranks second to Google when it comes to amount of website traffic (whether to your homepage, landing pages, or other page you pointed your ad to). If you need help from an experienced YouTube marketing agency, Zero Company knows a thing or two about YouTube Ads.. As a seasoned YouTube marketing agency, we’ll be happy to guide you in making sure that your content is targeted to your potential customers so that your brand can get a bigger share of the particular niche you’re in.

Find a Hook That Fits with Your Offerings

One effective SaaS marketing strategy is to present the benefits of your software or app in a dynamic video commercial form rather than in a list form. Another option is to talk about a major pain point of your ideal customers through YouTube ads services. Influencer marketing might not be ideal for your business if the influencer will just drone on about what your SaaS app offers. Show, don’t tell! Let your video production serve as a live demo of your product. You need to find and use a hook that works. A hook is something that grabs the attention of your ideal customers in the first few seconds of your video ad. It is what gives your video advertising impact so that you won’t waste thousands of dollars on a bland ad. To be more specific, you need:
  • An ad that asks an intriguing question.
  • An ad with a lightning-fast story.
  • An ad featuring a fascinating statistic.
  • An ad that acknowledges a core point.
  • An ad that states a problem or pain point that many people have, then announces your SaaS has the solution.
For instance, if your SaaS is a budgeting tool, your YouTube advertising content can talk about how hard it is to know exactly where each dollar of your paycheck is going without opening up Notepad and making notations that you might not understand after a week.

Test Different Marketing Campaign Types to See What Works

photo showing two people editing video

A YouTube campaign is a type of marketing strategy that’s supposed to be an experiment to find out which types of video content can help you best reach your marketing campaign goals. Trial and error can help you optimize your budget for whatever marketing campaign type you have down the line. One of the things you should test out is video length.

Use the different YouTube campaign ad types at  your disposal—in-feed video ad, skippable in-stream ad (mid-roll, bumper, or otherwise), or non-skippable in-stream ad. Each has its own lengths and benefits. There

Keep in mind that there are times when 15-second ads get higher view completion rates if they’re skippable as opposed to 20-second non-skippable ads that people would rather close tabs for.  The difference of 5 seconds and the option to skip can be the difference between a viewed or unviewed SaaS ad.

Pay attention to your bumper ads, too, because they might prove too short to get your point about how much more useful your app is compared to your competitors.

It’s important to build your brand awareness. You can use the bumper ads for retargeting later on. Test which ad length and type works for your company or even on a per-ad basis. Some ad formats track better compared to others—it’s up to you to figure out which ones those are by testing.

Show Your Product Interface in Your Video Content

When it comes to using YouTube advertisements to increase awareness of your SaaS product, it’s best that you remember what users need to see before making their buying decision. In terms of software, it’s usually the user interface.

From our years of experience as a YouTube video marketing agency, we learned that the user interface is a big part of the buying process of SaaS products. It can directly impact whether your ideal customers sign up for your service, and their conversion rate—from a lead to a subscriber.

Therefore, remember during your video production process that you need to showcase how, for example, it’s easier to use the menus and functions in your product compared to apps offering a similar service or feature.

Sell your SaaS to potential customers by showcasing its amazing and user-friendly interface.

Also, you can showcase the different key features of your software through YouTube ads services, such as the use of A.I. or integration of web search to find the right word for an email or documentation (like in the case of Grammarly) of your customer base. Even if your ad somewhat turns into an explainer video, as long as it helps sell your SaaS, it should be fine.

 At the end of the day, remember that every target audience and brand is different. Don’t be afraid to try out different things and see what works and what doesn’t for your specific company, product, and target audience. For example, if there’s a famous personality that’s revered and followed by many members of your target audience, consider doing influencer marketing: Tap them to be an ambassador of your product.

What about YouTube Advertising Costs and Audio Ads?

YouTube campaign costs are view-dependent. Every view will cost you between $0.10 and $0.30, depending on your specific SaaS industry or target keywords. Make every cent count on your set daily budget because SaaS is one of the more competitive markets out there.

An important thing to know is that audio ads are on the rise. You can now post on the most popular (relevant) YouTube podcasts on, say, inbound marketing, cloud storage, or tech and troubleshooting talk and pay for audio-based ads there. These radio-like commercials are particularly helpful for startup SaaS businesses that are struggling to produce story-based commercials in their video production and prefer to show how incredible their app is by listing down its.

Here’s our final advice: make the most out of your budget by targeting your ideal customer base based on their Google search interests. Feel free to fiddle with the settings of your YouTube campaign to target only a certain segment or demographic of users based on their age, geographic location, and video interests. Take note of the results of your marketing for SaaS and use those to guide your future campaigns.

This is really interesting, I’ve never heard of the Audio Ads feature before. Maybe we should even do a separate article on this in the future.

Does Your SaaS Company Need a Trusted YouTube Advertising Company?

Long story short, yes. If your marketing team is interested in YouTube advertising services, you can hire a YouTube video marketing company like Zero Company. Our digital marketing agency can provide you with professional YouTube Ads services to promote your SaaS company to as many as millions of potential users.

Our YouTube ads agency can discuss with you how to use YouTube campaign advertising to grow your user base. Consult us today for free!