In this article, you’ll learn how to do potent marketing for tech companies using YouTube advertising.

With Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) software expected to increase SaaS business productivity significantly and everyone looking into mobile-first tech solutions, the future looks bright for tech companies. It’s time for tech marketers to get into the groove of things by showcasing what your tech company brings to the table, and ads are one of the best ways to do so.

When it comes to marketing strategies for tech companies, YouTube advertising has become the more practical alternative to television commercials and website banner ads. It’s web-based marketing and the same device used to view the ads are typically the very same devices that use software. Prospective users “live” on the Internet so the effectiveness and reach of YouTube advertisements cannot be denied.

It’s true that social media marketing trends can be of great help in marketing tech companies. YouTube ads, on the other hand, are lesser known and, thus, used less often—yet they can be equally effective in boosting the number of users and sales of your SaaS or technology company.

Keep reading to learn what tech marketers need to know in order to create engaging YouTube videos for digital advertising.

Dealing with Churn Rates Through Your Tech Ads

How do you increase the reach of your SaaS or technology company’s YouTube advertising? It’s about storytelling and churn rate.

Digital marketing for tech companies requires standing out in a cutthroat market populated by giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Meta (formerly Facebook). The Internet, mobile phones, and personal computing have indeed become more widespread than ever before.

Churn is a metric that determines the percentage of customers who will cancel their subscriptions to your software. Without money from subscriptions, your tech company cannot survive!

The key to survival for a typical small-to-medium-sized tech company is to find ways to retain their users. According to studies, the churn rate for tech companies on average is 10 to 60 percent. To lower your churn rate to about 3 to 8 percent, you can promote the benefits of consistently using your software using informative YouTube video ads. In your YouTube video ads, you need to emphasize the long-term advantages of using your app rather than just its short-term benefits.

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Creating Engaging and Honest YouTube Videos as Tech Ads

Marketing strategies for tech companies should absolutely avoid dishonest as well as confusing advertising. Make your YouTube ads as clear as possible so that the users whom you’ve enticed to try out your software won’t feel misled and unsubscribe soon after their trial.

Your tech company isn’t a clickbait company that gets paid per click or by traffic volume. What you want are long-term subscribers or users. You need to turn those clicks into users and then into paying customers and loyal subscribers.

To achieve that, you should strive to increase user satisfaction, avoid causing user frustration, and lower your churn rate with useful and honest ads. When spinning a tale with your YouTube ad yarn, you shouldn’t make “tall tales” or exaggerations about what your product can do.

A clear, linear narrative will help your software company gain positive exposure and maximize the engagement of your target audiences through YouTube ads.

An example of a pitch could be something like, “Do you want cost-effective cloud solutions that are much better than what Google offers?”. Try to make your pitch concise and direct for maximum impact.

How to Do Proper Storytelling for YouTube Tech Ads

To do effective marketing for tech companies, it’s best to tell a story using ads. Have a beginning, middle, and end to it. Follow the basic storytelling pattern of introduction, conflict, resolution, and ending. In the case of a commercial, the conflict is a common problem that your tech company can solve.

For example:

  • Show (not tell) through your YouTube ads users who are having issues with communicating in your company through private channels or without the signal breaking up.
  • You may also show how inbound marketing can work better with your cloud-based tech solutions in enticing those log sales cycle businesses like real estate.
  • You can even do informative storytelling YouTube ads that are, as in the case of an explainer video on what your customer relationship management software is all about.
  • If you’re offering file hosting services, keep in mind that this (and a few other software types) are so common in tech, so it’s important to use storytelling to show your product’s uniqueness. Perhaps you can write a fun story with two rivals bragging about their respective software’s storage size, subscription deal, allowable file sizes, and so forth—making sure to emphasize how yours is the true winner.
  • It’s also possible to tell a story of how you’re doing something completely brand new in the tech industry, like an app for people fetching papers from the DMV for you.

The success of your YouTube marketing campaigns depends mostly on how effectively you can tell your story and convey your narrative/branding to your target audiences.

Targeting Tech Ads Based on User Search History

Once you’re aware of your specific audience, your YouTube Ad Campaign will usually take care of the rest. After all, it’s capable of showing ads to your target audiences based on their user search history. This can instantly lower your churn rate since only interested parties will get to see your ads.

YouTube already limits showing videos to users based on geography. Now they’re optimizing ad viewership by targeting a certain segment or demographic of users based on their age, location, economic status, and even the device they’re using to view your ad.

You need to configure the settings of your YouTube ad campaign from the beginning to specifically target your preferred customers. This involves selecting a campaign type and goal before setting your budget and other settings.

Instead of second-guessing the Google Algorithm with SEO marketing, you can configure the audience-targeting settings of your YouTube ad campaign yourself.

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