In this article, you’ll gain knowledge on what tech firms should avoid doing when it comes to paid social advertising.

Need help selling your Software as a Service (SaaS) and other digital products online? Does your social advertising knowledge match up with your industry knowledge? Navigating through the world of paid social advertising can be tough and confusing.

We’ve written a guide on paid social media for Saas and tech marketing that can help you out. In this article, we’ll discuss how paid social media services could be wrongly utilized by tech firms. Read and learn to avoid making these mistakes in your social advertising campaign.

Social Advertising Campaigns With No Ad Diversity

The first social advertising mistake that tech firms need to be wary of is the lack of ad diversity. Just as diversity should be applied in hiring practice, diversity in paid social media should be applied to your online advertisements. The more repetitive your marketing sounds, the likelier you’ll get a backlash from the potential clients you’re trying to woo to try out your SaaS apps and tech.

Any top digital marketing agency will tell you that even though your paid social campaign must have a uniform theme, it should also vary its approach and advertisements.

Yes, your theme and branding must be consistent, but your ads should involve creativity to appeal to a broader audience or multiple market segments. Your uniform branding will work better if you diversify your ad approach from demo to demo or social media site to social media site.

A top digital marketing agency knows that the strategy for each tech or SaaS company should be approached on a case-by-case basis—there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

It would help if you had a thematic PPC advertising campaign and paid social ads instead of ads that look repetitive. You can also use different tactics across each channel and demographic. What works in Facebook and Facebook Stories might not work as great in Instagram and Instagram Reels, and so on.

Paid Social Ads That Neglect Diverse Demographics

Even within small or niche demographics, what catches your potential user’s attention can change frequently. Therefore, you should vary your SaaS ads regularly (e.g., weekly) according to the evolving trends across different demographics.

Previously, we talked about diversifying your approach in paid social marketing ad campaigns by making variations in the theme, the story, the hook, and the problems of the paid ads to make them less repetitive. This time, we’re also talking about ethnic and racial diversity.

The Internet is like New York or California—it’s a huge melting pot of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Make sure to adjust your SaaS advertising approach accordingly.

This awareness extends to local SEO landing pages for your tech company as well. Different localities cater to various demographics, which require different advertising approaches.

Carelessness About SaaS and Tech Ad Fatigue

You could be selling subscriptions (i.e., SaaS) to the most useful shopping, messaging, sales, VPN, or instant messenger app of all time. But that will go out of the window if you subject your target users to paid social advertising fatigue.

Our Facebook advertising firm strongly recommends that you avoid inadvertently subjecting existing and prospective clients to this fatigue. Many of the same hard-sell tactics used by door-to-door salespeople should be avoided on the Internet. Spamming even paid-for social media ads can lead to burnt bridges, even from your existing subscribers or users.

You need to cut down exposure to the same ad by making each ad unique. You can also go from using PPC advertisements to YouTube video campaigns, and so forth.

From our many years of experience as a Facebook ads agency, we recommend cutting the length of a video commercial from a long-form informative commercial to multiple short commercials, which you can publish as reels or stories.

The goal is to avoid desensitizing your target users with your message and brand. You want them to be aware of you instead of sick of you to the point of avoiding your specific apps and wares.

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Lack of Careful Planning For Ad and Content Schedule

It’s crucial to carefully plan your ad and content schedule. It shouldn’t be approached brazenly, without regard for ad overexposure.

Your potential app users will be more open to trying out your SaaS or tech offerings if your ads appear in places like Facebook Stories, the Facebook user feed, and in sidebar advertisements related to their interests.

Competent Facebook marketing agencies like Zero Company know that paid social media can be as powerful as Google or Bing PPC ads if you know how to apply them. You can avoid ad burnout by striving to include a variety of content formats in your ads, as well as avoiding hard-sell strategy. Instead, focus on providing value—whether in the form of useful information, entertaining content, or both. Ads that don’t merely try to sell, but rather, provide knowledge and/or entertainment will help you connect more closely to your followers and fans while bringing in new fans or potential users to your fold.

Vague or Poorly Defined Marketing Objectives

Using paid social media in and of itself won’t magically improve your brand popularity like magic. Work smarter instead of harder. Working hard with no end goal in sight is a fool’s errand.

Ask yourself, 'What are my objectives for paid social marketing exactly?' then let your campaign reflect the answer.

Don’t use paid social media advertising just because you read that they’re great for marketing. You should be aware of what it brings to the table and how it specifically brings more leads or traffic to your site, for instance.

Our Facebook advertising firm, Zero Company, recommends asking these questions to help you define your objectives for social media marketing:

  • Are your goals and objectives quantifiable?
  • What do you really want to get out of paid social media?
    • Do you want more likes from your posts?
    • Do you want more leads to your website?
    • Do you want to gain more social media followers?
    • Do you want to drive more traffic to your tech website?
    • Do you wish for more SaaS brand awareness on the Internet?
  • How do your target clients differ across social media channels?

Defining your objectives is like segmenting a huge market. It allows you to accomplish realistic goals in “bite-sized” or “digestible chunks”, which makes it easier to “finish your meal” or gain a share of the overall SaaS market as a whole.

Why Zero Company Should Be Your Tech Company's Paid Social Marketing Partner

For most (if not all) people, social media is fun, and social media advertising sure seems that way as well. However, it’s not as easy as most companies think.

If your tech firm’s marketing team needs help in setting up and managing campaigns on your Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media page/s, you may benefit from the help of a social media marketing agency.

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