In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets to turning those clicks into clients by using paid social media to drive greater conversions and revenue for your home service business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on businesses offering virtually any home service. All over the world, such businesses have seen a large decline in their revenues due to the lockdowns and other restrictions, combined with people’s wariness of letting home service providers into their homes.

Now that the worst seems to be over, it’s time for your home service business to bounce back. Although having an online presence has been important to all companies in practically every industry for many years now, it has become even more valuable to home service providers in this post-pandemic era. This is due to several reasons.

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Benefits of Paid Social Media For Your Home Services Company

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One of the reasons why an online presence (including social media presence) has become a must for your business is that, first of all, not everyone is already 100% confident to invite people into their home. With the coronavirus still being around, many people remain vigilant (maybe even hypervigilant) to ensure that they don’t contract the disease. This means that if you want to grow your business at this time, your home service company should actively communicate your safety protocols and overhaul your marketing messages to ensure that they strongly convey how the benefits of the services you offer outweigh the risks of hiring you and letting you into their home.

Another reason is that everyone seems to have gotten used to turning to the Internet for various purposes during the height of the pandemic: from buying their groceries to attending their classes to presenting business pitches, and many more. There’s no doubt that people are more used to searching for businesses online now than ever before.

Therefore, it’s important for you as a home service provider to ensure that you have a good digital presence. This includes not just maintaining a website and actively updating it, but also having an active social media presence on different platforms. It’s important to note that 81% of retail shoppers conducted online research before making any purchase.

Social media, in particular, is an extremely important element of your digital marketing because it is where most people spend their time online (outside their web-based work tasks). In fact, the average user spends around 2.5 hours on social media every single day. That’s obviously a lot of time, time which you could use to position your home services company as the best in your niche in order to improve your online visibility and increase your revenues.

Home services companies have a lot to gain from having a strong online presence—which includes social media.

It should come as no surprise that businesses have quickly learned to take advantage of the benefits of social media. Nearly every business now has a dedicated page on different social networking sites with the hopes of becoming known and then trusted by their target audience. As a result, having a social media presence is clearly no longer enough. You must make your home service company pop up in your target audience’s social media feed.

Here’s where paid social comes in.

Paid social refers to social media advertising, which are digital ads shown on social media sites. What’s special with paid social is that you’re not only given the power to be where people spend their time. More importantly, you get to define the people that you want to be seen by.

Using paid social, you can have your ads shown to specific audiences. You can dictate the criteria for your audience, which is normally done by defining their demographics like age, location, gender, and so on; online behaviors; and interests. Thanks to this incredible targeting feature (which is impossible to leverage if you use traditional advertising methods), you can maximize your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) because your ads will be shown (and you will only be charged accordingly) to people who are more likely to convert.

Paid social can help your home service company stand out, improve brand recall, and increase your conversions.

How a Digital Advertising Agency Can Help in Marketing Your Home Services

If your home service company has limited resources or would like to entrust this important task to experts in paid social, it’s best to partner with an experienced social media advertising agency.

A trusted advertising firm with an outstanding track record, like Zero Company, can set up and manage your social media ads to help you achieve your revenue targets.

Zero Company has more than two decades of experience in providing first-rate digital marketing services, including paid social ad campaigns, to businesses all over the United States.

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