In this article, you’ll uncover proven techniques that home service providers can use to achieve the goal of maximizing reach of YouTube ads for home service businesses.

Home service businesses need to constantly use effective marketing strategies not just to retain but to increase their market share in the home services industry. One surefire tool in digital marketing for home services is YouTube ads.

Home service providers can effectively target prospective customers using YouTube ad campaigns. Besides TV commercial time being too expensive and often irrelevant for home service companies that serve only a specific area, they also can get more value from their investment in online marketing.

In a previous blog, we’ve tackled how you can use local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for marketing your home service company to boost your website’s ranking in organic search results for local searches and reach more local customers. In another post, we shared tips on using social media marketing in home services marketing (in the form of paid social media ads, such as for local service ads).

This time, we’ll explain how you can use narrative-driven YouTube advertising to increase the reach of your home service company’s video campaign.

How to Increase the Reach of Your Home Service Company's YouTube Ads

Is there a secret formula to reach more of your target audience using YouTube Ads services?

Before increasing your budget or number of ads running, you should look into optimizing your campaign itself. You need to learn how to better appeal to your target customers. This way, your efforts at spreading the word through your YouTube ad will make more of an impact.

There are multiple types of ads available for you to choose from, from midroll non-skippable in-stream ads to bumper ads to even in-feed video ads. Your video campaign should cover topics and problems that are considered needed, valuable, and personal by your target market.

In addition to that, all of your videos should have an engaging hook that will keep viewers from skipping your ad or clicking to another video just to avoid the need to view your ad.

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Appealing to your home service company’s target audience involves repeating the awesome things you can do for them that they can't (or prefer not to) do themselves.

Target Specific Pain Points and Make Narratives about Them in YouTube Ad Form

Before producing your YouTube ad for home services marketing, you need to know specifically what to make your ad about. It’s easy to say that the best way to go about advertising in video form is by storytelling, but you still need to figure out what story to tell relative to your company and/or home services.

An effective way to make your YouTube ad work is to make sure that it solves a significant “pain point” of your ideal customers. For YouTube ad campaigns promoting home services, that is usually the best type of hook.

The pain point you should highlight could be something that your target customers can’t or won’t do themselves because they lack the equipment, experience, skills, or motivation. This includes home services involving plumbing, unblocking drains, and electrical repair as well as fixing broken appliances.

Consider embedding a story in your YouTube ad about the horrors of unblocking the bathroom or kitchen drain. You may also use a video in “How To” format and show how easy and convenient it is to just hire your home services than do the tedious or unglamorous task by themselves.

Consider Targeting Your Competitors' Keywords on YouTube

keyword research

When you search for “plumbing home service California” on YouTube and watch the video results, you are likely to see in-stream ads for various plumbers that are serving that area. And just like that, you’ve now discovered and confirmed one of the keywords that they use in their digital marketing for home services.

Now that you know one of their keywords, you have the ability to take some of their audience. You can do this by targeting their audience based on that same keyword (or a similar one) and using a compelling ad to turn them into your prospective customers. Therefore, besides targeting the same keywords, you should ensure that your ad positions your home service company as the more effective or more affordable provider.

Also, remember that in the world of advertising, “Two can play that game.” It’s one thing to follow the leader by using similar keywords. It’s another thing to use the leader’s tactics better than they do by researching better keywords to target than the ones your rivals are using.

Most DIY search engine optimization (SEO) tactics also work in a video campaign. To be more specific, what works for spreading awareness of your YouTube channel explainer videos and DIY ads can also work for the captive audiences of YouTube advertising services.

While in-stream ads work excellently in applying storytelling rules, strategic targeting of demos, and making unique videos for specific market segments, they’re particularly dependable when you use your competitor’s keywords on them.

How to Successfully Boost Sales with YouTube Ads

So far, we’ve emphasized key points in crafting your YouTube ad narrative and analyzing the audience of your competitors to make your ad campaign target their keywords as well as additional keywords.

Now it’s time to show what you bring to the table. If you’re a startup or small business, make sure to highlight your underdog nature (people love supporting underdogs). You may include in your ads some proof of how your home service business is a favorite in your small locality or how active your company is in the communities that you serve. If you’re a bigger company, you can simply emphasize your superior convenience or other strengths.

Make your home service YouTube ad explain to your prospective customer base why your home services are the more suitable solution for, say, A/C cleaning compared to your competitors (without necessarily mentioning their names). Maybe you have a better price point, or better customer service, or faster completion rates. Whatever it is, you need to know it and you need to let people know it through your YouTube ad.

You can increase engagement using a powerful call to action (CTA). It has become standard at this point for YouTubers to say “Like and subscribe!” but such reminders work. A simple, “Call this number!” or “Visit our website” can bring you better results, even in ad format.

Why Paying More Attention to Specific Target Customers is Essential

You can direct your ads to your target customers using YouTube’s available target marketing tools from the get go. In fact, it’s there as soon as you’re ready to post your YouTube video ads for distribution through a YouTube ad campaign.

The campaign specifically allows you to target potential customers who searched for certain services that are related to your company.

YouTube’s targeting is so precise they’re even capable of targeting users based on their video history. For instance, if they’ve recently been looking for laptop or PC troubleshooting and they’re getting frustrated at not being able to start their machine, you can be the home service PC repair shop they’d call.

After you've optimized your video ad content, allow YouTube's advanced audience targeting features to maximize your reach.

Does Your Home Service Company Need Help on Your YouTube Ads?

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