In this article, you’ll get to learn all about building investor knowledge through ETF marketing videos on YouTube.

What prevents most people from investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)? They don’t know the first thing about it.

It’s as foreign to them as cryptocurrency or NFTs, with NFTs in particular getting negative press about supposedly being similar to Ponzi schemes and scams. That’s why it’s important for ETF providers to characterize their offerings as something authentic and worthwhile to prospective investors or clients.

The best way to combat any misinformation is to publish the truth about this particular investment instrument using educational ETF advertising videos. It’s been done before, to great effect.

Even the savviest investors who already know about ETFs might still need some convincing on why ETFs specifically can diversify their assets compared to other options like mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

While PPC campaigns may also be used to market ETFs, videos and video ads are also promising (and engaging) alternatives that every asset management firm should consider using. This article will dive into the process of building investor knowledge using educational ETF videos.

Producing Educational Videos That Show the Benefits of ETFs

The DIY approach to video advertising is valid and budget-friendly. The difference between YouTube ads and opening up your own YouTube channel and filling it with corporate videos is the same as optimizing your site for SEO and buying up Google Ads instead.

However, if you really wish to take advantage of YouTube’s staggering 2 billion logged-in users monthly, it would be wise to invest in YouTube ads for your ETF advertising.

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To spread your ETF marketing video to your target clients, consider getting a YouTube ad for guaranteed viewership.

It’s one thing to open your own YouTube channel and do ETF digital marketing through those videos in a DIY manner. It’s another thing altogether to use YouTube ads to ensure visibility of your videos by paying for ad exposure.

The former depends more on your ability to make your ETF advertising explainer video viral (it’s not as easy as you’d think). On the other hand, the latter provides a guarantee of viewership based on your allotted budget.

Emphasizing Risk Management in Your Investor Explainer Video

The more knowledge you can impart to your target investors through your educational ETF videos, the more likely they’ll buy your ETF products. And if you were already thinking of paying to make your YouTube videos popular, you might as well go the paid ad route.

Educational ETF videos on YouTube can help prospective investors become more familiar about the ETF world. Let your videos emphasize how ETFs don’t put all of an investor’s eggs in one basket, and how they are potentially a dependable investment product when it comes to mitigating risk.

Thus, make sure that your YouTube videos clearly communicate how ETFs have great flexibility and serve as a prime investment opportunity in a world recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Use your creativity to convince potential investors that now is the time to rebuild their lost fortune, and ETFs—your company’s ETF, in particular—should be their top investment choice.

Remember that you’re making YouTube video ads. These are commercials, and commercials that impact viewers the most are not boring lectures. Rather, they tell stories and have a hook. Make sure that your ETF marketing videos have both.

Telling a Story in Your ETF Marketing Ads

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re not just making an explainer video that covers the ins and outs of an ETF for prospective investors who are unfamiliar with this investment vehicle, or even savvy investors who simply need to be reminded of why ETFs are a smart way to diversify their portfolio…

Instead, remind yourself that you’re creating a YouTube advertisement for ETF digital marketing. Therefore, make sure that your educational ETF videos appeal to both the potential investor’s mind (by explaining ETFs) and heart (by discussing your ETF’s growth potential and how it can impact their life).

Maybe you can tell a story of a beginner investor who’s been burned before by bad crypto or NFT investments but wishes to ride the highs of such investments prior to their crash. In your video, you can show how the better alternative to high-yield but high-volatility investments are flexible and risk-mitigating ones like ETFs.

Make your ad’s story more personal and valuable while filling it with facts about what ETFs bring to the table. You can even use ad sequencing to feature installments of your story in ad form. Make a branded story that’s memorable and powerful while informing people about the pros of investing in your ETF.

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Creating Unique ETF Marketing Videos for Segmented Audiences

Shorter teasers and bumper ads can help bring your prospective clients to a landing page where they can view the full-length video. These shorter ads are good for brand awareness campaigns for your specific ETF products. However, most target investors will remember long-form ads with stories.

You should also tailor your educational ETF videos for different audience segments instead of depending on a one-size-fits-all ad. For educational ETF videos, the different segments include target investors who are complete novices to ETFs or even investing at large, target clients who know a thing or two about ETFs but require a bit of convincing to win them over.

Google Ads has optimized targeting abilities that can assist you in targeting those audience segments. In fact, Google can even show your YouTube ads to prospective investors based on their search history.

Tailor your educational ETF videos to different market segments. Google also has useful tools at your disposal, like targeting ads based on users’ search history.

Google can help your investment management company show the right ad to the right audience each time. You should have a different ad for users who regularly watch investment videos versus users who only show curiosity for, say, crypto or those who lack any investment experience.

Basic educational ETF videos should be reserved for the novice segment. On the other hand, more comprehensive video guides should be produced for veteran investors who may be curious about the current trends in the world of ETFs.

Complying With Content Guidelines For Your ETF Advertising

If you have a great hook for your ETF marketing—such as introducing ETFs as a safer yet rewarding investment product compared to NFTs—you can entice prospective clients to invest in your ETF even if they don’t know much about your product yet.

Always make sure to follow YouTube ad policies. You shouldn’t mislead users. The whole point of an educational ETF video is to tell the truth about ETFs to interested investors. Therefore, your narratives should be limited to showing realistic scenarios that investors could achieve from ETFs, which may be in the form of a factual video on what ETFs are and what benefits they offer, and so on.

Here are some things to keep in mind: When making your YouTube ad story, avoid mimicking news headlines when it comes to design, tone, or structure. This also applies to pop-up and banner ads—they shouldn’t resemble or mimic dialog boxes for Windows, Mac, or Unix. Lastly, they cannot contain interactivity simulation graphics like search boxes and drop-down menus. Rather, your YouTube ad should be clear that it’s an ad for your ETF and that it will educate the user about that topic.

Does Your Investment Management Company Need an ETF Advertising Partner?

As you may have noticed, there are a handful of things to keep in mind when producing educational videos for your ETF marketing campaign. To make sure you get the most out of your YouTube ad investment, your investment management or financial services company should consider getting a trusted digital media partner like Zero Company. We have more than two decades of experience in helping companies like yours make their mark in the digital world.

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