In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 mistakes to avoid when using local SEO services for your manufacturing company.

Search engine optimization services are about specifically and locally—in the form of local SEO services—optimizing your website for clarity or, at times, zero search volume keywords instead of generic terms like “auto parts” or “OEM”.

Your manufacturing company (or an SEO marketing agency you partnered with) can add specific geographic locations or the name of your company (hence, making it “local”) to the key phrase. In that way, you’ll get higher visibility for people who are searching specifically for your company or located in areas that you’re targeting.

You can also target specific market segments by being geographic-specific. Doing expert SEO means your manufacturing firm will be less likely to get lost in the shuffle by ranking high for specific location-specific keywords like “affordable OEM in Cincinnati”, “Mississippi auto parts near me”, “New York industrial equipment near me”, and so on.

With that said, you shouldn’t be too bold and reckless with your optimization. You can commit mistakes that waste your investment in local SEO services or, worse, make your website rank worse than before.

In previous blogs, we discussed how to do expert local search engine optimization for manufacturing companies and how to promote your manufacturing business through local SEO services done by a digital marketing company. This time, we’ll talk about the common mistakes manufacturers make when attempting to use local SEO to their advantage.

Explaining the Appeal of Local SEO Services for Manufacturing Advertising

If you haven’t yet, consider getting local SEO services for your manufacturing company’s website because 46 percent of Google searches are local or done locally instead of globally. Locals tend to search more about local news and events than international news.

One way to potentially cut your competition in half and reach your prospective buyers is by doing on page SEO services. This makes you focus more on localities and local segments of your target audience as a manufacturer. It’s also an affordable search engine optimization tactic.

It's frustrating to attempt to reach customers by SEO because you have to deal with both local and global competition, but local SEO can address that.

The main thing most companies who depend on onsite SEO get frustrated with is algorithm changes. Every search engine does this, especially Google, but it’s also the case with Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

In fact, onsite SEO is closely tied to these algorithmic changes, too. The more companies “exploit” an “SEO trend”, the more likely it is for websites like Google or social media with search features like Facebook to turn that “trend” into a “spam flag”.

Don't Ignore Mobile Optimization (Highly Recommended by SEO Experts)

Did you know that 89 percent of users searching on Google and other search engines did so to look for local businesses? Therefore, SEO agencies recommend using local SEO to cater to those users, since Google and the like now double as the modern-day equivalent of the Yellow Pages!

However, before you trip all over yourself in optimizing your website for specific branches or market segments on desktop or laptop PC, you should pay more attention to the mobile revolution of SEO.

Optimizing your website for mobile phones or smartphones is no longer a footnote. It’s now a requirement. More and more of the mass market is accessing the Internet through various mobile devices.

If your website looks unreadable or microscopic on vertical screen displays, you’re possibly sabotaging your on page SEO services. To remedy this issue, try these expert SEO tips:

  • Invest in dynamic web design and CSS as soon as possible.
  • Include a linked phone number that enables direct calls from your web visitors.
  • Make a user interface that’s mobile-friendly but matches the style of your desktop user interface.

Google currently factors in whether a website is mobile-friendly or not when ranking it high on even local SEO search result pages. In 2023, millions of bots have enforced this specific key ranking factor requirement by scouring the web for only those sites.

Don't Forget The Value of Professional SEO Services

Some websites are lackadaisical in their approach when it comes to local SEO. They believe that as long as they’re able to harness the power of search engine optimization through the foundations of their site, that’s enough effort. They think they only need to build upon their past efforts.

The truth is, there’s more to local SEO than just attaching geographic locations to the keywords you’ve researched or even “stolen” from your competitors.

It also involves building local citations, optimizing your website for local keywords, and claiming your Google My Business listing. You should try to do as many of these local expert SEO strategies as possible for the best outcome.

Even if you’re a multi-state or national company, it pays to rank in specific locations to cater to specific niches or segments of the market that your competition might be neglecting. In fact, many mid-sized and small businesses can only compete SEO-wise by ranking on local-designated keywords. An SEO audit service offered by an experienced SEO marketing company like Zero can be very helpful.

Keyword Stuffing is No Good for Whitehat SEO

In another post, we discussed the best practices in PPC advertising for manufacturing companies, and one of them included targeting the most suitable keywords. We should do the same with local SEO.

However, we shouldn’t go overboard with keyword use for either PPC ads or local SEO. Another common mistake when attempting to do local SEO or even SEO in general is keyword stuffing.

what are your keywords

Don't manipulate search engine rankings by stuffing keywords. Instead, learn from SEO marketing experts and focus more on UX and readability.

The keywords are just there to help the Google and Bing bots establish what your website is about. Stuffing the text of your website or the ad copy of your PPC ads will just make the text unreadable.

They also act as red flags to search engine bots. Any SEO digital marketing agency worth its salt knows that this practice of keyword stuffing is right up there with clickbait in the list of tactics employed by click-drawing spammers.

Long story short, if you want to transform your manufacturing business with digital marketing, SEO specialists highly advise against keyword stuffing to prevent your website from getting marked as spam by Google.

Don't Forget to Review Your Keywords

The strength of your campaign lives or dies by the keyword research you’ve done. So make sure to spend some time reading some refreshers on how keywords work, how dense with keywords your text should be, and how to keep your text content readable with keywords inserted into them (as suggested by SEO marketing experts).

By the way, this also applies in how you use (or bid on) keywords for your YouTube video ad campaigns. Any digital marketing medium that involves keywords should involve their judicious use.

It’s a mistake to simply dump info on your readers or target buyers. It’s better to ease them into your call-to-action with an entertaining and informative landing page or blog post. It’s the same with keywords.

Professional SEO Services From an Expert SEO Firm

Our Orange County SEO digital marketing agency, Zero Company, knows the ins and outs of whitehat SEO. Our SEO company offers a wide range of affordable search engine optimization services for manufacturing companies.

Consult with one of our SEO specialists for free to learn how we can help you optimize your website and every cent of your ad budget!