Remarketing Campaigns Re-engage Past Visitors

Our clients have seen tremendous success with remarketing/retargeting. In fact, for a few smaller clients this has been the only campaign they have chosen to run.

Our Programmatic Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience. Once someone visits your site, you can continue marketing to them after they have left.

Keeping your brand in front of users when they are ready to make the decision can radically improve your ROI.

With Google remarketing, we can deploy a variety of remarketing tactics that work on both the Google search engine and Google Display Network. The Google network reaches 87.6% of all global internet users and 94% of all U.S. internet users.


Why You’d Use It

Zero Company is about winning the moment of truth online. That moment may not take place when someone initially visits your site. In fact, on average 96% of shoppers won’t make a purchase after their first visit to your site. They may put off the decision or get distracted. Whatever the reason, you want your business to be there when they are ready commit.

There are a variety of remarketing tactics that can be deployed. Maybe you want to promote a different message to people who abandoned their shopping cart and left your site. Maybe you want to remind them of exactly the products they were looking at. Maybe you want to be there in the search results when they are searching a competitor name or a keyword that is a little broader than you would normally buy with your search ads. Maybe you have a podcast and you want to promote frequent listening habits. There are an endless number of ways to take advantage of remarketing.

The experts at Zero Company can develop custom, creative remarketing strategies for your business. Whether you need dynamic remarketing, video remarketing, search or display remarketing, we’ve done it with tremendous success. Remarketing works great for any size company, from enterprise-level to small, local businesses.

How It Works

You don’t pay until they click on your ad. Think about that for a moment. This person has already been to your site, they’ve left and now have decided to come back to the site by clicking on your ad. You’ve branded to them with free ad impressions, now they’ve decided to return. This is a highly motivated prospect. It’s not unusual to see conversion rates that are 200%-500% better than a regular visitor. And you only pay when they click on the ad.

The user is identified only after installing specific marketing code to your site. Zero Company will work with you place this code. In some cases, it’s a very simple installation. In others, like Dynamic Remarketing, it may be a little more complex. Either way, we can handle the entire process to make it turnkey for you.

We will also help develop appropriate settings for the different types of campaigns. Who do we want to show the ads to? Who do we not want to show them to? How long? How often? Should we have different messages for different types of users?

In the case of search remarketing, we may also develop additional keywords where we want to appear on when these users search Google. We may also want to be more aggressive in our bidding or set up some automated bidding rules for this traffic.

Our expert remarketing strategists can tailor make a campaign that meets your needs and business objectives.

Don’t let your visitors leave your site never to return. We can help you turn window shoppers into buyers. To learn more how we can help customize a remarketing campaign for you, contact one of our sales strategists at (888) 885-3995.