In this post, you’ll discover indispensable ingredients of a potent ETF pay per click advertising campaign for your asset management firm.

With economies now nearly having fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are on the lookout for investment opportunities, including exchange-traded funds or ETFs. If your asset management company offers this unique investment vehicle, you’re probably looking for ways to make your firm stand out from your competitors. A pay per click advertising campaign should be one of the tactics you consider.

Pay-per-click advertising services (or PPC ads) allow ETF providers to target potential ETF investors online using ads on online websites and platforms. This includes search engines like Google and Bing, advertising networks, and countless sites all over the Web.

Keep reading to find out the crucial ingredients of a powerful ETF pay per click advertising campaign and how to make the most out of them for your ETF marketing.

Why You Should Use Pay Per Click Advertising in Promoting Your ETF

There are several types of ads, but PPC ads are one of the best types for businesses. Why? Because you only pay for the results that you get.

To be more specific, you pay only for the number of times that your ad gets clicked on. This makes it a wonderful advertising medium for businesses that are looking to get the most bang for their buck (which should be every business).

PPC marketing services give your financial firm more bang for your buck because you’re charged based on the clicks you get.

To make the most out of your pay per click advertising services, our PPC specialists recommend noting these crucial ingredients of a powerful PPC campaign for ETF advertising:

Indispensable Pay Per Click Advertising Ingredient #1


Pay per click agencies know that an effective PPC advertising campaign starts with your keywords. Your asset management firm should research and use the best keywords for your ads. In this context, the best keywords are those that your ideal investors are searching for on the Internet.

To arrive at your list, your financial firm—perhaps with the help of a seasoned PPC advertising agency like Zero Company—needs to do some thorough keyword research and competitive analysis. We’ll consider your financial industry, your ETF offerings, and your unique or special services.

There are a lot of things to consider, and simply using popular keywords in the ETF niche won’t suffice. Some words may be ‘popular’ in everyday financial conversations but those may not be the words that prospective investors are searching for on the Web.

Indispensable Pay Per Click Advertising Ingredient #2

Another vital ingredient in ETF advertising through PPC ads is your offer, which is simply what your firm wants to give users in exchange for a chance to click on your ad and open your landing page. This landing page is usually a standalone web page made specifically for your ETF advertising campaign where a user who clicks on your PPC ad “lands”.

With the sheer number of ads that they’re exposed to online, your offer needs to be irresistible if you want people to click on your PPC ad. At the minimum, it should provide them with value, like a free risk assessment, portfolio analysis, and so on.

Your investment firm’s marketing team should come up with ideas on how you can satisfy a financial need or address a common investment concern of your prospective investors. Ideally, it should be something that your competitors don’t offer (or at least, not yet).

Indispensable Pay Per Click Advertising Ingredient #3

Assuming that you already have the right keywords and an irresistible offer, it’s time to prepare the next ingredient: your copy.

Whether you’re using organic channels or paid avenues like pay per click advertising campaigns, effective ETF digital marketing entails targeted copy. This means that you should clearly state your offer and what you expect from users (e.g., learn more).

Targeted copy requires understanding your target audience—their motivations, needs, wants, and background. Your financial firm’s marketing department can work with an experienced pay per click advertising agency like Zero Company in developing user personas for your ETF advertising.

Knowing the typical age range, education background, careers, income levels, and so on of your target investors are very helpful in setting up an effective pay per click advertising campaign. The more data you have about your ideal ETF marketing audience, the better. Such data will guide not only your ad targeting but also how you craft your offer and copy.

There are a few things that should apply to your copy regardless of the demographics of your target investors. First, your offer must be written clearly and concisely. Keep in mind that there are character limits when it comes to online ads, so make every letter (or character) count.

 Naturally, your asset management firm knows a lot of financial lingo or investment-related jargon that lay people may not know. However, your PPC advertising campaigns are not the place where you can show them off. Based on our experience as a pay per click agency, we strongly recommend simplifying jargon and minimizing their use in your PPC ads to avoid confusing or repelling newbie investors.

Besides your ads themselves, you also need to write targeted copy on your landing page. That’s where you can put the final call-to-action for investors to open an ETF account at your firm. You may also use that page to simply encourage them to book a free call with your investment experts, download your ETF prospectus, sign up for your newsletter, or any other action in your marketing funnel.

Bonus Tip on Using Pay Per Click Advertising For Mutual Fund and ETF Marketing

Targeted keywords, irresistible offer, and compelling copy—those are three indispensable ingredients of a potent pay per click advertising campaign for your ETF marketing.

In addition to those, our years of experience as a PPC management agency taught us another overlooked ingredient: constant refinement.

Your asset management company should actively review your keywords to add new ones or remove existing ones that have low performance. You should also experiment with using different copies (consider doing split A-B testing) and note which ones lead to more clicks on your ads and a higher conversion rate on your landing page.

You should also try different offers and see which one clicks the most (pun intended) with your audience. Keep in mind that people—including your prospective ETF investors—respond differently to the same thing.

Those may just be three ingredients, but they may seem a lot to manage. If your financial firm needs expert guidance in PPC management, you need an experienced pay per click agency like Zero Company.

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