This article will discuss the top 5 best practices for your manufacturing company’s PPC ads, which deliver maximum effectiveness and ROI for your online marketing campaign.

Do you know just how enormous the U.S. manufacturing industry is? It includes a staggering list of almost 600,000 businesses (as of this year 2023), provided jobs to more than 12 million employees in 2020, and was valued at a whopping 7.1 trillion dollars in 2022. As a result, every manufacturing company in the country is competing with—at the very least—hundreds of companies that offer similar goods.

With such a large number of competitors fighting over the same buyers, industrial marketing has become even more challenging for manufacturers. They’re forced to face the daunting task of not just producing outstanding products and services; they also need to grab the attention and business of their target audience in this crowded market.

If you’re a manufacturing company, traditional marketing tactics are not enough for your business to maintain a competitive edge. Luckily, a digital marketing strategy called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can come to your rescue.

Why You Should Use PPC Ads in Advertising Your Manufacturing Company

PPC ads are online advertisements that enable businesses like your manufacturing firm to publish targeted ads on search engines and other online platforms or websites. Using PPC ads, your manufacturing company can perform lead generation by strategically positioning itself in front of your target buyers who are actively looking for your products on the web.

The strength of PPC lies in its capability for displaying relevant and timely advertisements to your target audience. For example, if you manufacture party supplies such as balloons and hats and users (maybe the owner of a party planning company) type in “where to buy mylar balloons in bulk”, “7th birthday hats supplier”, or some other keywords that are related to your business in Google, your PPC ad will be shown prominently to them at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Because of this, they’re more likely to know about your manufacturing company and start a business partnership with you.

Another wonderful thing about PPC ads is that they’re cost-effective. Traditional advertising channels like billboards or magazine advertisements can demand substantial investment. On the other hand, a PPC ad campaign lets each advertiser choose how much budget to spend, and—this is why they’re called pay-per-click in the first place—the advertiser pays the advertising platform if and only if a user actually clicks on the ad. This guarantees efficient use of your advertising budget and is spent only on people who have shown an interest in your products by actively searching for them online.

Best Practices For PPC Ads of Manufacturing Companies

Whether you’re a startup manufacturer or a medium-sized local manufacturing company that’s just bouncing back from the economic slump, PPC ads can help you grow your business.

Below, we’ve gathered five of the best practices for manufacturing businesses in using PPC campaigns:

Effective PPC Ads for Manufacturers Target The Most Suitable Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of PPC advertising, so manufacturer marketing strategies include making sure that your keyword bidding strategy targets the right keywords. Therefore, before starting your PPC campaign, you need to conduct extensive research to find out exactly which keywords are most relevant to your products as well as to your target buyers.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools that you can use for your keyword research. Some of these are Google Autocomplete, Google’s Keyword Planner, Übersuggest, WordStream Free Keyword Tool, Keyword Revealer, AdWords search terms, Ahrefs, and Semrush. Just do an online search and you’ll find more options.

The results of your manufacturing company’s PPC advertising campaign greatly depend on your choice of keywords.

Effective PPC Ads for Manufacturers Include Compelling Ad Copy

writing ad copyNext, your PPC ad should come with an engaging copy that quickly captures users’ attention. Here are some of the best practices when writing your ad copy:

  • Make sure to incorporate the main keyword that you’re bidding on.
  • Write a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Make sure that it’s clear, so use layman’s terms with unambiguous meanings as much as possible.
  • Make sure that it’s easy to read on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Avoid writing too much text that may be hard to read which, as a result, may turn off users.
  • Avoid using too many capitalized letters or punctuation marks. These can distract readers from your message and accidentally carry a negative meaning. In addition, excessive punctuation marks are generally prohibited in ads on both Google Ads and Bing Ads platforms.
  • Finally, write as if you’re talking directly to your target customer. Use a conversational tone of voice that’s warm and friendly. Although it is an advertisement, avoid being too salesy in your PPC ad.

Effective PPC Ads for Manufacturers Point to Optimized Landing Pages

Normally, a PPC ad directs users to a landing page found on your domain. This page is ideally made specifically for that campaign’s target audience and objectives.

That landing page should be optimized for conversions. It should be easy to read, not too long or wordy, and must include a compelling CTA. In addition, the landing page should load quickly, ideally within 3 seconds or less if you don’t want users to leave your page (or ‘bounce’).

Finally, your landing page should be responsive (or, at least, mobile-friendly) to provide a great user experience when viewed on different devices.

Effective PPC Ads for Manufacturers Have Well-Managed Budgets and Bids

It’s also important to carefully manage your bids and control your advertising budget. Doing so will help you make sure that you get a positive return on your ad spend (ROAS). As mentioned earlier, PPC ads allow you to set a budget in terms of a maximum bid limit, which is based on your target cost per acquisition (CPA).

You should track your spending throughout the course of running your PPC ad campaign. Luckily, this is not that difficult because PPC advertising platforms have a dashboard that gives you real-time reports on important metrics related to your ad campaign. You can easily view the performance of your PPC campaign and make necessary changes immediately to get better results from your pay per click marketing efforts.

Based on the performance of your PPC campaign, there are multiple courses of action that you can take. For instance, you can completely pause ads and ad groups that don’t perform well. You can also pause keywords with low performance and, at the same time, add new keywords and observe if they result in a better ROAS over time.

You have the power to easily change your PPC campaign’s keywords, ads, and ad groups to improve your ROAS.

Effective PPC Ads for Manufacturers Requires Patience and Long-Term Commitment

Last but not least, it’s important for you to remind yourself that even if you get a high Ad Rank, your pay-per-click campaign may require some time before it shows considerable results. Just like traditional ads (and even other online ads that are not performance-based), PPC ads may need to be seen by users a couple of times first before they would finally click.

So, as with other tools used in digital marketing for manufacturing companies, you need to be patient in your marketing efforts. Keep making changes to your ads as needed, depending on their performance. Eventually, with the right keywords, ad, and landing page, you can get the best results from your PPC campaign.

Planning to Use PPC Ads to Advertise Your Manufacturing Firm?

For a successful PPC campaign for manufacturing marketing, you need a digital marketing expert who knows the ins and outs of PPC advertising.

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