In this blog, you’ll discover the benefits of effective targeting using local SEO in marketing ETF products offered by your investment management firm. 

What makes local SEO important in ETF marketing? At first glance, ETFs seem not to need local search engine optimization as much as local businesses do. This is because, generally speaking, investment management firms that offer Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and other financial products tend to cater to the entire country (and even beyond).

However, the truth of the matter is that effective targeting through local SEO can give your company several benefits when it comes to ETF marketing.

Benefits of Local SEO’s Effective Targeting to ETF Providers

Local search engine optimization allows asset management companies that provide ETFs to easily and effectively target online users in specific locations, whether by state, by city, and so on. Optimizing for local rankings enables ETF providers to boost their visibility in local search results, making it easier for them to find potential investors and convert them into clients.

Here are three surprising benefits of applying local search engine optimization when promoting your ETF:

#1 Benefit of Local SEO to ETF Marketing - Customized Messaging

The first benefit of local SEO is customization, particularly in terms of messaging and content. Besides providing access to global equities, bonds, and other financial investments like real estate and global commodities, one of the selling points of ETFs that are available in the United States, which mutual funds don’t offer, is openness to non-U.S. residents. While the majority of mutual funds offered in the U.S. shun non-U.S. residents because of limitations related to FATCA compliance, ETF investments typically do not have that restraint.

Therefore, your investment management firm can market your ETFs to a much bigger market, including U.S. expatriates based in different parts of the world.

But whether you’re planning to get expats as your clients or not, local SEO can help your asset management firm by allowing you to optimize your online presence and create content that’s customized to potential investors in each of your target geographic locations.

Although all potential ETF investors share a common denominator—the desire to build wealth through financial investment—different people have different motivations and pain points, which all can be used to craft effective marketing to target them. It’s unrealistic to create content for each and every single potential investor, but categorizing them by specific demographics—such as location—can help your firm appeal to each group more effectively.

By aligning your marketing content with the unique needs and preferences of the people in each of your target locations, you can resonate more deeply with the local audience, which can lead to higher engagement and improved conversions.

Delivering personalized content through local SEO can boost your ETF marketing campaign’s engagement and conversion rate.

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#2 Benefit of Local SEO to ETF Marketing - Convenience in Proximity

One of the ranking factors for boosting local rankings is the use of location-specific keywords across a website’s pages (including headers and meta tags). For instance, optimizing your website content for the keyword “trusted ETF provider in New York” or “highest-yielding ETF near Manhattan” can help you be found easier by interested ETF investors located in that local area when they search for those keywords.

While there are many ETF providers to choose from, it’s in the nature of humans to prefer convenience, so if your firm is located closer to the potential investor’s residence, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll give you their investment instead of giving it to a firm in another state. In addition to that, they also are more likely to come to your office and make an investment in your ETF if you’re only within a short distance from where they’re staying.

Besides performing technical optimization on your website, one effective strategy in optimizing for local rankings is publishing high-quality localized content on a regular basis. For example, you can write how-to guides and long-form blog posts that report the latest trends in the U.S. financial investment market. By providing valuable information on the financial market, you can establish your firm’s expertise and, as a result, position your company as a trusted resource for ETF investors.

#3 Benefit of Local SEO to ETF Marketing - Trust and Credibility Building


Speaking of trust, other strategies that can help boost local rankings also revolve around building trust and credibility. For example, getting your asset management company listed in local directories can benefit your local search engine optimization. Make sure that your firm can be found easily in industry-specific or business directories and credible local platforms and websites to improve your chances of being found by potential ETF investors.

Part of building trust is ensuring consistency in online information about your business—particularly your firm’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) in different sites and business directories. Accuracy is particularly important in your Google Business Profile.

Make sure that your investment management company’s website provides an excellent mobile experience to users, since the majority of searches, especially local searches, are made on mobile devices. In fact, search giant Google began its mobile-first indexing practice way back in November 2016. Last but not least, make sure that your website loads quickly, ideally within less than 4 seconds. It may be difficult for investors to entrust their money to a company whose website takes forever to load. After all, this may—in their mind—reflect inefficiencies in other parts of your firm.

Done correctly, local SEO practices can build the credibility of your firm and earn the trust of potential investors.

Maximize The Targeting Capabilities of Local SEO in Your ETF Marketing

Those are the three fundamental ways in which effective targeting through local optimization can augment your ETF promotions.

There are a handful of ranking factors and local SEO tools besides the ones we’ve briefly discussed above. To get higher local rankings, it’s best to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency like Zero Company that knows what makes local SEO important and effective.

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