In this article, we’ll uncover some of the best practices to boost growth with strategic PPC advertising for manufacturers.

Around 74 percent of brands agree that Google Ads and other PPC marketing services serve as major growth factors for their companies. They’re even willing to spend $137 billion collectively for digital marketing services, particularly digital advertising, because of its traffic-gathering, lead-generating effectiveness.

Pay per click advertising is a direct way of bringing more traffic to your website. It’s affordable enough for even small and medium businesses to invest in while ensuring a direct positive impact on their ROI.

In other posts, we’ve covered common campaign strategies for manufacturers that use YouTube Ads. We’ve also shared best practices for manufacturing companies that use PPC advertising. Now let’s talk about some of the best practices when it comes to pay per click advertising that can boost your manufacturing company’s growth.

Showing the Benefits of Your Goods With PPC Advertising

The basics of advertising include pointing out a problem or “pain point” that your target buyers have, and then presenting your products as the solution to that pain point. It’s true for print advertising, radio and TV commercials, and even digital advertising services.

This is the value proposition that helps define what your manufacturing company identity is all about so that when your target buyers face a specific problem, your product comes to mind as the solution.

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Approach the creation of your PPC ads in the same manner as the creation of other ad types.

To set up your pay per click advertising campaign, you need to choose the right keywords that are relevant to your industry as well as the type of products you offer. On top of those, you also need to take into account other considerations, the main one being the demographics of your target market, which includes their location.

It’s important to be discerning in PPC management. Your digital strategy when it comes to PPC advertising should involve using it as ammunition in your manufacturing company’s advertising arsenal to directly “lead” your target clients “to water”.  Later on, it’s still up to your landing page to make them “drink it” and buy your offerings.

You can perfect your Google Ads pay per click advertising campaign first and then make a duplicate one for Bing by applying some tweaks that are unique to Bing’s SERP and audience based on their analytics. However, most manufacturers concentrate on Google campaigns first because they have the lion share of traffic. You can also get a good traffic flow through overlooked PPC advertising services from Bing and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Setting Up Your Manufacturing Company’s PPC Campaign Keywords

When setting up your pay per click advertising campaign, Google Ads is listed first because virtually every decision you make there impacts everything else that follows. Google PPC should serve as your foundational campaign, and the rest of PPC providers are more like branches or subcategories.

Be careful when setting your geo-target or location settings. Remember that those determine who will see your optimized PPC ads, and where. Different locations have different customers, so make sure that you geo-target accordingly.

Learn how to attribute traffic to your campaign versus other sources using features like Google Ads’ attribution tab. This is foundational knowledge that can determine your PPC campaign’s success.

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Using Your Competitors' Analytics For Better PPC Management

Here’s a tip: You can use the analytics of your competition along with their keywords based on what you gather from research via Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, Moz, or SemRush. Do this before your pay per click advertising is underway. Then, as your campaign gathers info on its own analytics, you can configure it to specifically cater to your new data instead of the data of your competition.

Many manufacturing companies have to go through a waiting or grace period in gathering analytics for their own campaigns before becoming more “analytical” with their campaign settings. They neglect using competition analytics to their advantage.

When using Google Ads, you can use Goal and Events in Google Analytics to evaluate your traffic. There are similar analytics tools available for Bing, Facebook, and Twitter PPC ads.

Don’t forget to do your PPC advertising keyword research periodically. Strive to know competitor keywords like you know your own. Try to optimize your ads for zero search volume keywords or key phrases that are so specific they don’t appear as high-volume keywords on search engines.

Vet your keywords to make sure that your ads are targeting only users within your sample group or target buyers, even if your competition offers the same products as your manufacturing company.

It’s important  to note that your competitors may have a different business model that requires a different type of PPC management. Not every user that shows up for your keywords belongs to the same niche as the potential customers you’re targeting.

Conducting Keyword Saturation Research and Reverse-Engineering Other PPC Advertising Campaigns

Speaking of competitors’ keywords, make sure to conduct research on your competition’s keyword saturation and compare it to your own website. Establish your market niche from there.

Once you have a useful point of comparison, you’ll figure out how other manufacturers use paid traffic and other digital advertising services on various search engines and sites. It’s now up to your marketing team and/or your digital marketing advertising agency to reverse-engineer the pay per click advertising campaigns of your rivals, then improve upon those and make them a perfect fit for your manufacturing business.

Zero Company is a PPC advertising agency that provides PPC management services to uncover how your competitors are using display campaigns, what keywords they’re using, how they’re using them, and more. With our pay per click advertising services, we can help your manufacturing company create tightly targeted ad groups for your PPC advertising.

Adding Digital Advertising Services to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At least 5.18 billion people are connected to the Internet as of April 2023. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for manufacturing companies to make sure that their business has effective online promotion.

It goes beyond having a corporate website for your manufacturing business or even optimizing it for search engines. It’s also not enough to just sell your products directly on the Internet through your e-commerce website.

SEO enables your target customers to find your website or get to your landing page organically. However, organic is usually not enough because the competition is too stiff to make it a reliable method of boosting traffic.

SEO can only do so much. For best results, consider pay per click advertising for your business.

To truly boost your manufacturing website to the top SERPs of Google and other search engines, you need to refine your targeting systems and do whatever your competition is doing—but better.

PPC advertising allows you to easily target your manufacturing firm’s ideal customers while also controlling and testing each PPC advertisement to see which ones work and which ones can be improved to get better results.

A Trusted Pay Per Click Agency For Your Manufacturing Company

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