How a nationally-recognized ecommerce business grew orders six-fold


A large national ecommerce client (name withheld to protect data) had been internally managing its search marketing. Five years ago, Zero Company was brought in to improve conversions and drive more sales.


This is a very competitive category with deep-pocketed competition. The client was bleeding cash in PPC with a poor ROI on its search marketing efforts.


Zero Company determined proper lifetime value of customers, optimized the sales funnel, implemented in-depth tracking down to the keyword level, fine-tuned the daypart bidding, thoroughly mapped peak seasons, added new remarketing tactics and considerably improved CTRs with on-going ad split testing.


In the first year, when Zero Company took over, the Conversion Rate was 0.8%. Through optimizing the sales pipeline, Zero Company increased conversion rate month after month, reaching a 403% improvement by year four.

Orders saw even stronger improvement. From year one, orders per month increased by 667% through our optimization. Not only did their conversion rate improve, but the order volume and cost per acquisition decreased significantly.

Business Name

Campaign Reach: National

Industry: Ecommerce

Services Rendered:

  • Search, Display
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization