About us

Zero Company is run by a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals. We are smart, curious, innovative and highly dedicated to the success of our clients. Our results over the past 15 years speak for themselves: more traffic with highly-qualified leads and bigger profits.

Our core values are Ethics. Transparency. Humility. Hard work. We have a commitment to building a strategic partnership and transparency with our clients. We know that real success, also has a soul. That means showing compassion for our communities, cultures, customers and through the consciousness of our employees. This is behind everything we do. This is what Zero Company is about.


Experience matters in this business, and we have more than 15 years handling complex search engine and digital marketing strategies.  We handle all PPC management and expansion into the three major paid search engines as well as Display and Social Media ads. This includes proper account set up and structure, daily management and optimization; mobile, remarketing, product listing ads and participation in special beta tests as well as SEO with professional content writers on staff. We also have an in-house team of dedicated, custom website developers to handle everything from building or maintaining ecommerce sites or conversion rate optimization.


Our approach combines experienced account managers and team members backed up by cutting edge scripts and 24/7 monitoring software. Your account manager is your main point of contact and always available to you. They oversee a dedicated team actively optimizing your campaign daily, analyzing data, split testing and fine tuning the results. The account manager will help determine strategy and tactics and work with you closely on improving results. The account manager will also work with the search and ad networks for deep dives into different areas of the account and provide you with relevant beta testing opportunities when they arise.


We start by understanding your brand, products and goals then come up with campaigns based around intensive keyword research for PPC, SEO and Social Media. We’ve built thousands of ad campaigns and had a lot of success by rolling up the sleeves and digging deep into the data to micromanage all aspects of a campaign. Boosting traffic to your site with highly qualified customers is key.

We’re a certified Premier Google Partner and ranked as a Top Search Marketing Firm. We want to win what Google calls the “Zero Moment of Truth Online,” the moment the buying decision is made online. That buying decision happens in search engines, in social media and on web sites. It is filled with many micro moments. Those are what Zero Company wants to win.

Join us.

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