Our Mission

We believe the moment of truth in online advertising is a dramatic thing. It’s win or lose. Do or die. It’s not a dry digital media event to us. It’s full of drama and heroes.

It can be an art with nuance and subtlety while at the same time provoke emotion, drive action and have the power to change lives. The lives we change in this moment of truth are, of course, your clients and your customers, their communities and all of us as we participate in this journey together.

You’re the hero of this journey. We want to be the skillful, knowledgeable, loving and humble companion that guides you along the way…and continually goes about the business of winning those online moments of truth for you again and again and again. 

Why "Zero?"

When reading Gandhi’s autobiography many years ago, our CEO was struck by a phrase Gandhi used to describe his humility. To reach the farthest limit of humility, he said, “I must reduce myself to zero. So long as man does not of his own free will put himself last among his fellow creatures, there is no salvation for him.” The radical humility resonated. To get to the real truth of life, you must reduce yourself to zero.

A few years later, it just so happened that the very core of our work as digital marketers was described by Google as winning the “Zero Moment of Truth.” It used to be that the first moment of truth in advertising typically took place in brick and mortar locations (think about looking at the shelf in a store and the buying decision that was about to take place — that was the first moment of truth). With the internet, that decision largely moved back to a Zero Moment, where it took place online well before the visit to the store. This is what we specialize in.

Our vision is to combine that compassion, humility and love for each other and the world around us into what we do as digital marketers — where we work every minute, hour, day and week to win those zero moments of truth. That’s Zero Company.

To help guide us along the way, we have a very purposeful intention that we try to infuse into our work and culture. At Zero Company, we call it B.L.I.S.S. — Build Love Into Scalable Systems.

We try to take that compassion, humility and love for each other and build systems to put that into practice. You’ll see it in our transparency, communication and work ethic. You’ll see it in how we always strive to do the right thing for our clients and each other.

We try to ask ourselves, “How can I BLISS this?” It’s a concept that helps us build a culture that values what’s truly important to us. And we hope that by building that into our system and the work that we do, that it will help our clients and the larger systems as a whole.

At Zero Company, we love heroes.

Heroes inspire us.

They rise from humble beginnings. They push through adversity. They get up when they fall down. They’re creative when their backs are against the wall.

As a result, they are destined for success.

For us, we know that this success — it has soul — when it’s created with compassion for our clients, communities, cultures, and through the consciousness of our employees.

Join us on this journey.


Pay Per Click – The new way to search

Pay Per Click – The new way to search

GoTo.com launches the first PPC auction, upsetting search engine purists because it introduced pay per click ads in the search results. Six weeks later, Zero Company founder Stephen Sakach, begins his first PPC campaigns on this new platform seeing this as the future of search.

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999

Working at nights, learning html and the nuances of PPC, MyConsumerGuide.com is launched to promote products on a performance marketing basis.

You’re hired!

You’re hired!

First employees hired to help manage PPC bids, build campaigns and create content. GoTo.com renames itself as Overture and its customer service becomes worse.

A logo For Zero Company, a Marketing Agency


In January, Zero Company Performance Marketing officially incorporates. Logo designed by David Sakach. Zero Company now works in multiple PPC platforms, including launching in Google’s new PPC platform on Aug. 18.


Enter The Acribiter

Josh Prizer invents bidding algorithm to determine the most profitable position on the search engines for a given keyword and product. This is turned into our first in-house software dubbed “The Acribiter.”


Moving Day

Zero Company moves to a new office in San Juan Capistrano.


How can we help you?

As search becomes more complicated and customer service more difficult, Zero Company takes on its first clients to manage their PPC campaigns. Zero Company also tests AskJeeves on Nov. 22.

Giving back

Giving back

Zero Company funds the construction of an orphanage in India.



Microsoft drops Overture from its search results and launches its PPC product. Zero Company launches campaigns with FindWhat platform on Jan. 1 and directly with MSN platform on Feb. 8.

Giving back again

Giving back again

Zero Company funds construction of an orphanage in Myanmar.



ZeroCompany.com agency site is launched. First campaigns launch on LookSmart Sept. 10.

Giving back more

Giving back more

Zero Company funds construction of an orphanage in Uganda.


Find Me

Zero Company expands services. First clients accepted for SEO Management.



Zero Company begins taking on clients in the mutual funds and consumer packaged goods categories.


On Display

Zero Company expands heavily into display advertising. MSN rebrands as Bing and absorbs Yahoo advertisers under its umbrella. Zero Company helps manage the transition for clients and navigate customer service issues.



Zero Company adds second location in Portland, Oregon.

Moving Day (again)

Moving Day (again)

Zero Company moves to its current location at the Dana Point Harbor.



Zero Company begins working with government agencies to provide complete digital marketing services.

The next big thing

The next big thing

Zero Company opens up Programmatic Desk to add to its service line.