Luke Wronski Avatar

I've worked with Zero Company for almost 4 years now with two different businesses. They are a top notch group for Google Adwords and SEO. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their SEO.

Luke Wronski 2/09/2019
Federal Contractor Registry (FCR) Avatar

Great firm to work with. Professional and amazing people at all levels of the company. Highly recommended.

Federal Contractor Registry (FCR) 1/10/2019
Stacy Houston Avatar

Great company to work with. Michelle and Amy always take my calls and are very responsive.

I am a very hands-on owner and I appreciate that they always take the time to explain everything and work with me on revisions and changes as I go. This is not a company who will disappear on you and I really appreciate that!

just yesterday a client called and said they chose my company because my website looks really professional and they appreciated all the information and content and the way it was laid out. That was really refreshing to hear !

Thanks zero co!

Stacy Houston 1/09/2019
Fred Wechsler Avatar

Best thing that ever happened to us. Zero took our website from being on the the web to front and center of exactly the target market we were trying to reach, optimized our exposure, and lowered our costs. Lots of factors in our growth, tripling of revenues in 2 years, but a big part was Zero Company's guidance.

Fred Wechsler 11/07/2018
Priya Vaish Avatar

Zerocompany took my business to new heights and we got what we wanted in very short time. The marketing company is knowledgeable and assigned project manager is very prompt in answering phone and addressing g your concerns. This company is full of great ideas to market and their analysis helps achieve business goals. I am very impressed by the pricing and their availability.

My business grew to its full potential in very leittle time. I would recommend this business to anyone who is starting up , very soon with the help of Zerocompany you can achieve your business goals! Thanks Michelle and Anna who were always their to address my concerns and thanks for taking us to full potential...

Priya Vaish 10/06/2018
Michael Moradian Avatar

I would definitely recommend Zero Company Zero Company is knowledgeable in their field, always answered my questions and produced amazing results.

Michael Moradian 4/06/2018
Heather Hansing Avatar

More like number ONE Company I have used Zero Company for both corporate (In years past) and personal matters Recently since becoming a business owner in Jupiter Florida. I have found Zero Company to be of the highest caliber in providing services in marketing, website creation and customer service. their knowledge and level of service is unsurpassed. I highly recommend the Zero Company to all businesses big or small. For me in the last four years Michele, James and Stephen S. are the essence of what makes a business quality grade. This company has a good amount of clients but because of these three you’d never know you weren’t the first and only client out of the gate. Hire to see for yourself. 5 STARS. Thank you Zero Company! - Heather Hansing Billing4Dentists, Jupiter FL

Heather Hansing 3/22/2018
Erik Calcott Avatar

Best of the Bunch - Great Service After doing business with three other organizations, I had become frustrated with a seemingly lack of responsiveness and concern in the industry. These companies were happy to take my money but perform little in return. And when I needed something extra, I had to poke and prod continuously to get the task accomplished. Zero, on the other hand, does not have to be reminded to send reports. They take it upon themselves to actually achieve each month what they say they are going to achieve. And when I have additional requests, questions, and issues, they are very quick to respond and resolve. Like any SEO and PPC firm, they cannot work magic, but we are consistently seeing improved progress and results. Anna Phillips is a joy to work with and we will continue our relationship as long as the value and service remains as high as it has been. Thanks.

Erik Calcott 2/14/2018
Curtis R. Kuhn C.M.T. - E.L.A. A.A., B.S., M.S., PH.D. Avatar

You will DEFINITELY be helping me for the Life of my company! Zero Company has been helping me with my Web Site over the past few years. They have always been quite courteous and quick to respond to any questions that I have. A few months ago, we decided to have Zero Company completely re-design my web site, to greatly increase its cosmetic appeal, as well as all of those MILLIONS of SMART Phone owners to readily find my site, while on the go.

As part of the revision, we also added the New Metabolic Short Self-Test, that accurately depicts each person's correct Functional Metabolic Type. Your Company made it possible for it to be scored Automatically, as well as illustrate the specific Food Chart for the Metabolic Type that is determined. This, combined with our current Movie Production, "Metabolic Mission" based on my 3rd book and our NEW line of Metabolic Nutritional Supplements, will help us to truly become a GLOBAL Company. You also added a form to sign up, for all Future Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals that want to take my 4 week Metabolic Nutritional Course on line. As time passes, the world and specifically, the Medical Community is starting to inquire about and understand the true essence of "Biochemical Individuality" and how it can be addressed at the Cellular Level………Nutrionally.

Thanks again for all of your help. Although I often get phone calls from other companies that do similar types of work…….you will DEFINITELY be helping me for the life of my Company!

Curtis R. Kuhn C.M.T. - E.L.A. A.A., B.S., M.S., PH.D. 1/12/2018
Chris Aho Avatar

Outstanding service Zero Company has done a great job with our SEO and PPC work. They also can make changes to the website for a reasonable cost, which is convenient to have in one company. Josh Prizer is an outstanding Account Executive. He is very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and provides great service. Zero Company can provide detailed reports on the results, but it is still a little hard to quantify because there is no direct link between every lead and which ones turn into an account.

Chris Aho 2/01/2017
Patti Sherwin Avatar

Very professional team of experts. Their advice is cutting edge.

Thank you!!!

Patti Sherwin 1/30/2015