The Natural Search marketplace is very fluid with algorithms changing and a variety of competitors who continually increase their SEO efforts. Zero Company will give you a distinct advantage.

Need local area SEO? We recommend using Zero Company Local™ — a complete, turnkey local SEO service.

Standard SEO Services

Our proven Search Engine Optimization Packages are designed to strategically improve your rankings in an efficient, ethical manner. We’ve seen other SEO companies try to copyright their work, claiming ownership of the changes they have made to your website and forcing clients to essentially “rent” their optimization month after month or remove it.

With Zero Company, not only do you own all of the optimization, we are always moving forward with your SEO. We aren’t content to just sit on good results, we expand on them. Once high ranks are achieved on your targeted keywords, we not only look to maintain those, but drive traffic to additional, relevant keywords.

Not only does this approach improve your traffic flow, leads and sales, it keeps the competition from catching you.

The pricing below is based upon the number of man hours committed to your project. Our level of aggressiveness increases with the higher packages as well as the types of optimization work we undertake.

We can work with you to develop an SEO package that is appropriate for your business — whether you are a small business or large corporation, we will create an SEO package based on your needs.