This blog explores effective marketing strategies for landscaping companies and shares how local SEO agencies can boost landscaping businesses’ online visibility.

From routine lawn care, hardscaping, and pest control to sophisticated garden design, seasonal cleanup, installation of complex water features and efficient irrigation systems, and more, landscaping companies do it all! However, many landscaping businesses struggle in gaining more customers in their local market. If your business is one of those, one of the most powerful landscaping marketing tactics you can use is local search engine optimization, or local SEO. By leveraging local SEO strategies—whether on your own or with the help of local SEO agencies (like Zero Company)—landscaping providers can attract more local clients and grow their operations by connecting their diverse services with the community that needs them.

Local SEO enables homeowners in your area to more easily discover your landscaping services on the Internet. This increases the likelihood they will choose your company for their next landscaping project.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore how local SEO can be of tremendous benefit to landscaping marketing. Keep reading, and we guarantee you’ll unearth valuable insights that can transform how you connect with clients. Let’s dig in!

The Value of Local SEO in Landscaping Marketing

business team planning collaboration and marketingIn an increasingly cramped and busy world, your landscaping company can come to people’s rescue, turning their outdoor spaces into delightful, functional areas. But before you can do that, they first need to know that your business exists. And that’s where local SEO steps in!

Implementing local SEO can improve the visibility of your landscaping business on search engine results pages (or SERPs). It will position your website as one of the top results (if not the top 1) on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

A high search engine ranking can catalyze considerable growth for your business, especially if your site reaches the top spot. For instance, studies have shown that more than 25% of users click the #1 organic result on Google!

Local SEO can help your business land more landscaping projects in your community!

Why Local SEO Agencies Advocate For Keyword Research

If you don’t want (or can not yet afford) to pay for online ads, you’re free to do organic marketing (pun intended)—and local SEO is one incredible tactic you can use. The key to people discovering your business online without needing ads lies in the strategic use of keywords.

Whether a single word or a complex phrase, keywords connect people searching online directly to the landscaping services they need. Let’s say that your landscaping business’s site is optimized for “lawn care los angeles.” As a result, people who search for that phrase (or similar ones) are more likely to see your site higher up in the search results, which means a higher likelihood that they’ll contact you for services.

Keyword research is essential for discovering the phrases that your potential customers are typing in search engines. For landscaping marketing, most seasoned local SEO agencies (including Zero Company) recommend combining your services and serviced areas in your target keywords, such as the following: “sustainable landscaping san diego,” “best garden designers in Chicago,” “New York tree planting services,” “backyard waterfalls phoenix,” and so on.

Established local SEO agencies are well-versed in doing keyword research and even affordable local SEO packages usually already include it. However, you may also choose to research in-house using online tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, and others.

GBP: A Must For Every Landscaping Business

Homeowners who need regular lawn maintenance and businesses planning a major landscape redesign value quick, easy access to their landscaping provider. Face-to-face interactions often make a significant difference, especially when discussing the intricate details of a landscaping project, and minimizing travel time is always a bonus.

That makes effective local SEO invaluable for landscapers. By optimizing your website for the right local keywords, your business can capture the attention of people in your community who are looking for quick, reliable landscaping solutions near them.

Drawing from our SEO agency’s extensive experience, the first step to dominating local search results is to claim your Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business) or GBP. Then, optimize it by making sure it includes your complete business name, up-to-date address, and phone number—collectively shortened to NAP.

We highly recommend uploading high-resolution images of your completed projects and your team in action to your GBP. Also, respond promptly to any reviews and queries that people post on your profile.

Claiming and then optimizing your Google Business Profile is crucial in landscaping marketing.

The Basics of On-Page SEO For Landscaping Marketing

SEO involves both on-page and off-page strategies. Basic on-page optimization involves incorporating relevant keywords into your landscaping website’s content, pictures, and meta tags.

Effective landscaping marketing content (in the form of blog posts, guides or e-book, and so on) can revolve around topics like garden design trends, seasonal lawn care tips, and sustainable landscaping techniques.

Based on decades of experience as one of the most prominent local SEO agencies in California, Zero Company recommends organizing your web content using header tags such as H1, H2, etc.. These tags not only make it easier for people to scan your pages’ content but also aid search engines in deciphering your site and, thus, enhance your SEO results.

To optimize your website images, we recommend renaming them with descriptive filenames (for example, change garden-2024.jpg to sustainable-garden-design-tips-for-2024.jpg or some other filename that’s aligned with the image). Also, use alt tags that incorporate your targeted keywords.

Lastly, optimize your meta tags. Ensure your title tags (the titles of your web pages) are succinct and include your targeted keyword, and keep them ideally within 60 characters. We also advise writing a compelling meta description for each of your web pages that includes your target keyword. Keep your meta descriptions under 160 characters to ensure they display fully in search engine results.

Mowing the grass with a lawn mower

The Basics of Off-Page SEO For Landscaping Marketing

On the other hand, off-page optimization for your landscaping business entails getting backlinks from other sites, preferably those from credible and high-quality websites themselves.

Content marketing is particularly effective in getting backlinks. For your landscaping marketing campaign, consider creating engaging content such as blog posts that highlight the latest trends in sustainable landscaping, instructional videos on landscape design, and eBooks on seasonal gardening tips.

Regularly posting insightful and useful content can position your landscaping company as an authority in the field, encouraging other respected websites to link back to your content. This enhances your visibility in search engine results pages. Sometimes, though, acquiring high-quality backlinks can be as difficult as perfecting an intricate landscape design. If you need assistance in strengthening your backlink profile, you may consult a local SEO expert like Zero Company.

The Importance of Having Online Citations

For every time your landscaping company is cited online—particularly its name, address, and phone number (NAP)—you gain an online citation. The more websites your business is listed on, the better for local SEO.

Make sure that the details on your GBP are exactly the same as those in your online citations. This uniformity helps search engines verify that all of those citations refer to the same landscaping business. Even small inconsistencies—such as ‘Street’ being written as ‘St.’, ‘St’, or ‘ST’, can negatively impact your SEO.

Key directories you may want to be listed in include Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, and Yelp. Do some research on directories dedicated to landscaping and home improvement and try to get citations on those as well.

Last Tip When Using Local SEO For Your Landscaping Business

Keep in mind that, although powerful, using local SEO for landscaping marketing entails constant refinement and updates. If you’d rather focus on doing what you do best (i.e., providing the best landscaping services in your area), it’s best to choose one of the most reliable local SEO agencies in the United States.

For example, Zero Company is a local SEO company that has over 20 years of SEO experience. We’ve assisted over 2,500 businesses across various sectors in achieving their digital marketing objectives.

Book a free consultation with one of the country’s most trusted local SEO agencies and discover how we can propel your landscaping marketing outcomes to new heights!