This blog explores how you can easily integrate strategies on local SEO for dentists to enhance your online presence and lead more people in your community to your dental clinic.

When communities already have an established name to fix their smiles, it can be a struggle for other dental clinics to thrive. Fortunately, local search engine optimization (local SEO) allows small to medium dental businesses to appear first whenever potential patients search “dentists near me” and other relevant keywords online. In other words, SEO for dentists amplifies opportunities for businesses like yours to market services in a more hassle-free and swifter approach instead of simply plastering print ads with the hopes of someone remembering your clinic when they get a tooth problem.

Read on to unveil the basics of SEO dentistry practices and learn how local SEO techniques can help your clinic become your community’s go-to dental service provider!

How Local SEO Can Bring More Smiles to Your Business

dentist patient smilingAlmost every household has a trusted dentist available whenever they need a professional for root canal therapy, implanting braces, tooth whitening, and other dental services. Hence, for many up-and-coming dental practices, gaining the community’s trust and patronage can become a struggle to overcome. That’s when SEO for dentists becomes invaluable.

Patients usually seek dental services near their home or workplace. That’s why our local SEO company encourages dental clinics to focus on optimizing their online presence within their service areas rather than implementing general SEO (which attracts a global audience).

When implemented successfully, local SEO for dentists will kickstart your dental business’s continuous success. Why? That’s because statistics claim that 72% of local searches from consumers end up with a visit to an establishment within a 5-mile radius, meaning patient acquisition will be much easier than before.

Just imagine the number of appointments that will surge in your clinic! That is the promise of SEO for dental practices; it ensures local prospects always have your clinic on their list of go-to dentists!

Local SEO exposes dental businesses to a vast pool of prospects, letting them fix the community one smile at a time!

Why GBP Is Pivotal in SEO for Dentists

Now that we’ve discussed how local SEO can give dental practices an edge over their local competitors, it’s necessary to discuss the steps to reap these benefits. If you find navigating dental practice SEO overwhelming, you may begin with the basics: GBP optimization.

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) appears on Google once people search your business name, services, or service areas. Think of it as your business’s listing in the world’s most popular search engine. And the best part? Setting up an account is FREE!

As experts in SEO for dentists, we encourage businesses to claim their GBP as soon as possible so they can manage their profile information and integrate local SEO techniques. Doing so will prevent unwanted events like potential patients showing up beyond clinic hours—which will not only lead to the loss of a prospect but may also potentially damage your clinic’s reputation.

With that in mind, always ensure your GBP contains your business’s precise and latest name, address, and phone number (NAP). If your clinic has multiple locations, an ideal local SEO approach would be to have separate GBPs per business location.

Google Business Profile screen

How Patient Reviews Help Remedy the Lack of New Prospects

While we are on the topic of GBP as an instrument for local SEO, did you know that a vital feature of your profile is the patient review option? Interestingly, a survey revealed that 73% of consumers establish a higher level of trust once they read a local company’s positive online reviews.

Let’s face it: a trip to the dentist can trigger fear in many people, especially children and adults with traumatic dental experiences. Hence, when navigating techniques involving SEO for dentists, it’s always essential for dental clinics to diminish the common fear of dentists. As local SEO experts, we believe one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by garnering positive reviews and interacting with these reviews in a way that would reassure hesitant patients of your practice’s expertise and care. Debunking dentistry-related myths is also ideal whenever the opportunity arises.

In other words, don’t perceive online reviews solely as tools to rank better via local SEO. You must also consider them a platform to highlight what makes your clinic trustworthy.

Exploring On-Page SEO for Dentists: A Beginner’s Guide

Person Using Laptop ComputerAside from securing an up-to-date GBP, optimizing your existing website through local SEO will also skyrocket your dental business’s chances of ranking high on searches. Collectively, this practice is called on-page optimization, and we’re here to share some beginner-friendly tips.

Every successful on-page optimization considers local keyword research as its foundation. Primarily, this local SEO technique involves using tools to recognize the possible terms your prospective patients may use when searching for dental services in your service areas.

Sounds like a breeze, yes? Let’s take your keyword research tactic up a notch by integrating this simple approach to local SEO for dentists: infusing long-tail keywords into your website content. These keywords contain well-researched phrases—that usually include your service areas—to attract targeted traffic and boost patient acquisition.

Imagine a patient with inflamed gums searching for “laser gum treatment in [city].”

If your business has incorporated this keyword into your website content, your chances of saving that patient’s smile are high, as your dental clinic will most likely emerge in the top search results.

Here’s another tip: alongside producing content rich in well-researched keywords, strategically organizing your content can also upgrade your approach to SEO for dentists.

Consider header tags indispensable in your blogs, as these help search engines understand your content’s structure. Distinctly defining the main idea (H1) and supporting points (H2, H3. etc.) will benefit businesses that wish to have their specific services ranked well via local SEO. That’s because doing so betters how search engines assess your content for its relevance to search queries.

Lastly, writing attention-grabbing title tags (less than 60 characters) will compel more people to read your blogs fully. Moreover, pair the title tag with a meta description (less than 160 characters) that summarizes the blogs well and attracts passive website visitors into patrons.

The use of relevant long-tail keywords is a vital component of performing local SEO for dentists.

Exploring Off-Page SEO for Dentists: A Beginner’s Guide

Does your practice need a reputation boost? Off-page optimization is a proven way to achieve this.

A crucial aspect of off-page optimization is the acquisition of high-quality backlinks. These links are from other websites that redirect visitors to your web pages—whether to your blogs or services page. Securing backlinks from reputable sources for dentistry will propel your business high in search results while building your online reputation.

To accumulate these valuable backlinks, our experts in local SEO suggest writing informative dental blogs for reputable healthcare websites. Another approach is to secure partnerships or engage in online dental forums.

Additional Tips to Kickstart Your Dentistry SEO Journey

The benefits of investing in an effective SEO-for-dentists strategy are pivotal for securing long-term success for your dental practice. However, this also entails providing continuous attention and effort to ensure your local SEO strategies remain up to par with the constant changes.

If you find managing a long-term strategy too taxing, it’s best to pass on this responsibility to trustworthy and competent local SEO experts. Among your choices, one name stands out from the rest: Zero Company.  Backed up by 20-plus years of digital marketing experience handling 2,500+ brands, our SEO team is well-versed in crafting local SEO campaigns that ensure your dental clinic acquires a steady flow of patients. Trust your digital marketing and local SEO to us so you can focus on giving your patients their best smiles!

Book a free consultation with us to discuss tactics in local SEO for dentists that we recommend for your clinic.