This blog details how PPC marketing campaigns can drive your car insurance ads to success and direct more prospects to your car insurance company.

If you’re in the car insurance business, here’s a question worth pondering: In an industry known for its intense competition, how will you ensure your car insurance ads reach first in the race? While diverse marketing strategies have emerged throughout the years, PPC marketing has remained one of the promising marketing tools that can produce results quickly. But is PPC really the ideal route to take for your next campaign?

Keep reading to discover PPC strategies tailored for car insurance ads and tips on how you can leverage these tactics to make the most out of your paid spot on top of the search results.

How is PPC Marketing Shaping the Car Insurance Industry?

Like a vehicle always shifting lanes, the insurance industry undergoes constant changes. In response, insurance agents and companies should strive to generate leads continuously through car insurance ads, partnerships with car dealers, and other tactics.

One of the best tactics your car insurance firm can use is PPC marketing. One reason for this is because—as statistics have shown—65% of high-intent searches end up in an ad click. This means that users go to search engines for purposeful queries, such as those related to getting their car insured.

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Car insurance ads can contribute to up to 45% of page clicks!

It’s undeniable that the insurance industry faces some of the highest CPC (Cost-Per-Click) rates with their ever-intense marketing competition. And if you are a startup or a company struggling to secure deals, we understand how such an Internet model may cause you to worry. Perhaps, you’ll begin asking, “How can my company rise against large firms that can invest huge sums in PPC marketing?”

Not to worry. There are several routes you can take to overcome this hurdle; one of them lies in the keyword choices for your PPC insurance campaign.

Selecting the Main Keywords for Your Car Insurance Ads

keyword biddingA highly successful PPC marketing campaign begins with selecting creative and well-researched keywords. Once you settle on a list of keywords, you’ll set the maximum cost you’re willing to pay each time a potential customer clicks on your car insurance ad. An auction process will then pit your bid against your competitors to determine which ad will appear on the top results based on the higher bid offer, as well as several other ranking factors such as the ad copy and the landing page relevance.

While the process may sound like a ruthless race to the first place, being strategic with your chosen keywords can spare you from facing a potholed road to success.

A common complaint about PPC advertising is how it can get extremely costly. That’s largely because some insurance companies compete over the most common keywords for car insurance ads because of their potential to attract the most website visitors. To minimize your competition, opt for a more specified PPC marketing approach.

Think about this: Rather than placing a bid on “car insurance” for your PPC marketing campaign, it’s more strategic and economical to use “affordable car insurance in [city].”

Why? Long-tail keywords are targeted toward a distinctive audience, making them less competitive, have lower CPCs (cost per click), and potentially result in higher conversion rates.

What Fuels High PPC Quality Scores

Let’s say you’ve established the most promising list of keywords for your car insurance ads; how will you lessen your CPC while improving your ad position? That’s when boosting quality scores comes in.

In the ever-dynamic system of PPC marketing, the quality score is a constant factor that every advertiser should pay attention to. As a trusted Google ads agency, we know that there are various core factors that impact how Google calculates quality scores and how these factors can ultimately influence the success of your PPC campaigns. They include the following:

Expected Click-Through Rate

This core factor is usually beyond your control as it predicts how likely Internet users will click on your car insurance ads when shown for a specific keyword. With this factor, Google grades the keywords in your PPC marketing campaign (either as Above Average, Average, or Below Average) based on your previous campaign’s performance against other car insurance-related ads. Fundamentally, investing more effort in the other two PPC marketing factors is a better approach as these factors are more within your grasp.

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Enhance your quality scores continually by keeping track and understanding your ad’s performance record.

Ad Relevance

As the name suggests, this factor focuses on how Google scores your campaign based on how well you’ve integrated the keywords into the copy for your car insurance ads. Google also considers how well the featured keywords match the intent behind search queries.

In the context of PPC marketing for car insurance, consider this example: for an ad that targets student drivers, the ad copy should emphasize affordability and coverage tailored for young or new drivers. Using targeted messaging will ensure your car insurance ads will resonate with a certain group of people, increasing your quality score while boosting your ads’ conversion rates.

Landing Page Experience

Person Using Laptop ComputerFinally, Google will evaluate your PPC advertising campaign’s quality score based on how your landing page can seamlessly satisfy the intent of ad clickers.

To better understand the metrics and improve your PPC marketing approach, you must also focus on sub-factors like keyword relevance and the landing page’s loading speed, ease of navigation, and mobile friendliness. There’s also the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) rule of engagement, which specifies that a landing page’s layout should never have any changes upon 5 seconds of rendering.

Finally, remember to place prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to guide your website visitors—such as “Call Now” or “Schedule a Consultation” or anything else you’d like them to do. This can maximize the results from your car insurance ads!

Final Tips When Using Car Insurance Ads in PPC Marketing

PPC marketing offers such promising results, particularly for car insurance companies that need to boost their online presence within a short time frame. As mentioned earlier, successful PPC-driven car insurance ads face several factors that may become roadblocks with just a simple miscalculation.

So, if you want to diminish the chances of making your next PPC marketing campaign a car crash, it’s best to let a PPC specialist take the wheel.

With our experience with over 2,500+ brands, Zero Company is your ideal partner for PPC-related campaigns.

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