Mobile Advertising

Is your site mobile friendly? Does your mobile traffic convert better or worse than desktop? Mobile ad spend is projected to grow over 300% over the next few years. You need to be constantly improving your mobile experience and mobile ad strategy to take advantage in this shift in online marketing. Zero Company provides its clients with cutting-edge mobile strategies.

Mobile Search Marketing Experts

Mobile traffic is increasing by the day and has passed desktop search in volume of searches. Marketers simply must address mobile in the search results. With PPC, there are many ways to take advantage of this: Click-to-call ads, mobile-specific bid adjustments, mobile-specific ad copy, call-only campaigns, mobile app install or reengagement campaigns and many other approaches. What’s right for one company, may not be right for another. We create a custom mobile strategies for every client.


Right now, more than one half of all local searches are mobile related, and this number is growing. There are a variety of strategies to take advantage of this on a local level. For local businesses, we may want to be progressively more aggressive with your ad spend the closer someone is to your business. Additionally, there are ad copy techniques that we’ve tested that will get up to 200% or more in higher click through rates. Our experience will give you a jump on the competition.

Mobile App Advertising

Zero Company has put together some outstanding campaigns for mobile apps. Whether you want to introduce new users to your app or help push an existing user base into deeper areas of the app or more frequent usage, Zero Company can help you drive that engagement and reengagement.

If you aren’t paying attention and are not adjusting your marketing based on the mobile data, your results will suffer. Zero Company knows that the future of search is a dynamic mobile environment.

To learn more about our mobile advertising services, contact one of our sales strategists at (888) 885-3995.