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“I have a Google Places page that appeared on Page 9 of the search query. In less than 4 days my Google Places page is on Page 1 in 3rd position.”Shannon Trezza, Client

Is Your Business Properly Featured in the Local Search Networks?

Chances are, your business is not … and you’re missing out on reaching consumers at the most critical stage of the buying cycle – when they’re choosing a business and comparing products and services.

The search engines are changing. Are you adapting with them? Are your competitors taking your traffic? More and more, local search results receive priority placement over traditional local Web sites. In other words, local is where it’s at.

That’s why businesses like yours can’t afford to miss out on taking complete advantage of one of the fastest growing opportunities available to reach local consumers. So, how can you take advantage of this powerful opportunity?

Zero Company Local™

Your Single Source Solution for Local Business Directory and Local Search Engine Placement

Local shoppers are a fragmented audience. Look at the chart and you can see the wide range of networks you need to be on.

You can rest easy knowing that Zero Company distributes your business content to the industry’s largest network of local search engine partners — covering more than 90% of local searches and more than 100 partners.

Zero Company Local™ helps you…

…Improve the chances of your business appearing at the top of local search engine or local business directory listings.

The Zero Company Local™ content optimization process addresses a range of challenges you face with organic local search listings — the reasons why businesses don’t always get to the top of local search results.

Part of our system is based on 31 million real keywords used for local ads and taken directly from local business customers. These keywords are ranked for popularity, organized into optimized groups, then individually tagged to every geo-targeted local business listing.

Zero Company Local™ helps you…


..Expand your reach to motivated local online consumers through the leading local search engines including Google Maps®, Yahoo! Local®, MSN Live Local®, Yellowpages.com® and many more.


banner_dartAre you just in one place or everywhere you need to be? Did you know that Google’s local listings only represent a small fraction of the local search traffic available to you?

Nearly 2 billion online local searches are performed every month by consumers looking for services and products they need, right in their own backyards. Without local search engine content management, up to 30% of listing information currently being displayed about any given business location is often out of date, inconsistent or missing altogether.

Zero Company Local™ helps you…

…Create the kind of compelling information that influences ready-to-buy consumers to contact you.

We make it easy for you to update and enrich your basic business listings with the kind of compelling information that produces local foot traffic, drives purchases and captures more keyword queries.

Our local business listings are powered by a comprehensive scoring process using fourteen individual parameters that apply a confidence code to each listing. This identifies the overall presentation strength of a listing and delivers the highest-quality listings to the local search engines.

Results are tracked through on-site analytics and call tracking. Each month, we provide our clients with a list of all phone calls received from local listings so that they can gauge their return on investment.

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With our simple online form, managing your local search listings has never been easier. Zero Company Local can help you on your way to more searches, more ad-serving opportunities, more relevant results and more revenue for your bottom line!