Enterprise Businesses

Zero Company is a Top 10 Ranked PPC management company. Enterprise clients have access to our most experienced, senior account executives. They oversee and dictate your search engine marketing strategy to a dedicated team actively optimizing your campaign daily.

Value & Expertise

Our approach combines expert account managers and team members backed up by cutting edge software and scripts. While tools are important, we have found that a balance is needed to properly manage an account. Overly depending on one or the other usually makes for inefficiency. Nothing can replace an experienced set of eyes working on your campaigns. Even other agencies outsource their search marketing to us because of our combination of value and expertise.

Custom Reporting

We customize our reports based on the information you need and the frequency you require it. Ask us if you can have data appear in some manner and we can customize our tools to deliver it. Additionally, our reports contain personal commentary from your account manager to help you understand the tactics, strategies and next steps we are taking to improve your campaigns.

PPC Account Audit

Do you have a live PPC account you would like our experts to review right now? Let us do a free audit of your account. We want you to not only get a feel for what we look at and how we think, but also who we are. For all of our enterprise clients, the account executive who will be assigned to your account will go over the audit with you … even before you sign up! Relationships are important to success. We want you to feel comfortable with the team leader you will work with to build your brand.

To learn more about our enterprise services or schedule an account audit, contact one of our sales strategists at (888) 885-3995.