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Optimized 2021 Marketing Strategy for Investment Management Services

optmized 2021 marketing strategy for investment management cover

Ideas & Strategies to Market Your Products and Services in 2021

As Mike Liwski, Zero Company’s Director of Strategic Performance, puts it, “Marketers in this industry, advisors and investment managers are now plagued with some harsh new challenges, including having to do more with less budget. The current environment has dramatically fast-forwarded the need to incorporate and master digital marketing.”

As technology and markets have endured the 2020 rollercoaster, we’ve seen unprecedented disruptions stemming from a pandemic shutdown and social unrest on top of the seasonal raging wildfires and hurricanes. According to Forrester, such environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns have become pressing client concerns, leaving financial firms a full plate.

With all this chaos happening in the background, one clear path forward for investment management firms shines like a beacon in the darkness.