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ETF Digital Marketing: 6 Steps To Help Launch Your New ETF

ETF Digital Marketing: 6 Steps To Help Launch Your New ETF

Digital Marketing Guide to Launching Your ETF

Driving investors to your ETF and generating AUM beyond breakeven in a compliance-heavy environment with new products being announced daily poses numerous challenges. According to Statistica, as of February 2021, there were 2204 ETFs in the United States with nearly 1 launching every other business day. Those are forces beyond our control. Additionally, market conditions can provide either a headwind or a tailwind to any ETF. Just look at some of the most recent launches. To best leverage the tailwinds or defend against any headwinds, this white paper provides the 6 key steps and a BONUS step to give any new ETF the best advantages digital marketing can provide at and post launch.

Two longtime ETF asset management clients approached us about helping them launch their newest ETFs by designing, building and managing digital marketing campaigns to drive assets under management (AUM). For one client, we had a matter of days and the other only a matter of a few weeks. For both, we built comprehensive digital media campaigns using the 6 proven steps we discuss here. These marketing strategies helped each achieve more than $150 million in AUM in just a few months after launch. 

It’s not easy building momentum right after introducing a new ETF, but it is possible.

Learn how to leverage each of these digital marketing areas in marketing your ETF to help you drive AUM:

  1. Search Marketing
  2. YouTube Ads
  3. Programmatic Advertising
  4. Social Media
  5. PR or Earned Media
  6. Owned Media or Your Website
  7. Bonus: Email Marketing