Display Advertising and search marketing often go hand in hand. In fact, for a lot of our clients they do, which is why we primarily use the Google Display Network for our display campaigns. The Google network reaches 87.6% of all global internet users and 94% of all U.S. internet users. Combining Display and Search Marketing within the Google networks produces some powerful synergies.


Digital display ad spending is now surpassing search ad spending for the first time. The two certainly work well together (and even Google has made some changes to default settings that have merged search and display). Just like search, display advertising can now be micromanaged like never before. Zero Company can target your display ads with algorithmic bidding that looks at the likelihood an ad will become a conversion. We can optimize based on audience characteristics, context, demographics, locations, time of day, day of the week, devices being used and a whole host of other factors. This ability to optimize campaigns like never before has helped display ads once again flourish.

Media Pricing

Did you know that 56% of ads aren’t viewable? It’s because of this that Zero Company typically favors more value/transparency-oriented pricing in its display campaigns. This means looking beyond just CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to other models such as vCPM, where a campaign is only charged when a display ad is 50 percent viewable. Whether you are looking for CPM, CPC, CPA (cost per acquisition) or vCPM display ad buys, we understand that it’s not just the amount of impressions or clicks, but the quality of those that determines success.


Effective remarketing often goes beyond standard display remarketing campaigns. Campaigns may need to dynamically produce ads depending on what the user viewed on your site. They can also help identify similar audiences that can be accessed via search or display. They can be powerful when moving across platforms or combining remarketing on both search and display networks. Learn more about our remarketing campaigns.


Want to promote video ads? Zero Company can help you drive views across the Google Display Network and on YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world? Running in-stream, in-display or in-search ads on YouTube is surprisingly affordable. Our experts can drive down your CPV (costs per view) and drive up your video viewership. We can also deploy video remarketing campaigns to keep your brand on top of mind.

To learn more about our display advertising services, contact one of our sales strategists at (888) 885-3995.