SEO Case Study

SEO - Case Study

Prominent Government
Contracting company that
targets business looking to do work with federal, state, and local governments.

We spent a lot of time carefully crafting out blog articles with targeted SEO keywords.

Our performance based approach helped us achieve these results.

The challenge

Getting more quality visitors to the website and increasing the sessions to the site.

June – July 2019
Users: 978
New Users: 937
Sessions: 1,063

The approach

We increase content on the website via blog articles and internal linking to massively increase quality traffic to desired pages.

The results

Just one year later we saw a significant increase in quality traffic, along with a heavy influx in sessions to the site.

June – July 2020
Users: 3,136 (+220%)
New Users: 3,042 (+225%)
Sessions: 3,495 (+229%)


Increase in Sessions


Increase in new users


Increase in users

“Significant increase in overall
ad performance in just one year!”