ppc case study

How an enterprise ecommerce company grew online orders six-fold.

At the headquarters of an enterprise ecommerce company, executives met to discuss how to fix the internal media-buying team's cash-bleed problem. The media team was out-manned, out-gunned and out-skilled in the competitive online marketplace.

The executives decided they wanted to enlist the help of a top-performing Google Partner agency, without having to pay a premium. Their criteria for choosing the agency were simple.

After extensive agency searching, the company chose to partner with Zero Company. Unbeknownst to them, we had started the work prior to receiving their contract (we refer to this as the Day Zero Approach). On day one, we went straight to work.


Strategy & Execution

Our strategy and approach boiled down to five key things.

We calculated the proper lifetime values per customer segment, per product. This was important information to the company, because it allowed them to better understand and zero in on the 80/20 of core products that move the needle. 

Every touchpoint matters. We optimized the marketing to sales funnel by adding custom tracking at every inch of every stage, and implemented strategizes to patch the leaky funnel and decrease churn.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so we always fine-tune existing performing campaigns and successful marketing efforts. From there we also built campaigns from scratch from our research and insights.

Ultimately, all companies are unique in their selling proposition, and it is our goal to articulate their value. We built out a comprehensive seasonality strategy for their customer acquisition through paid search and social, enlightening the company with mapped peak seasons strategies to win. We do this for all of our clients, and help them shine bright in a marketplace crowded with noise.

Lastly, we Implemented extensive remarketing and cart abandonment strategies, and everything else highlighted above. From here, we measured and optimized on an ongoing basis.


Within one year’s worth of work, we accomplished the following.



489% website conversion rate improvements in one year.

Website conversion rates (in this case, online transactions) increased almost five-fold. This is due in part not only from our implementations, but from our client’s willingness to accept the bold strategies we proposed. 

667% boost in online orders, per month

Our clients saw the potency of using highly targeted programmatic and PPC management platforms to their full potential, which can only be done with a skilled team in the driver’s seat.

Customer acquisition cost down 644%

From $137.33 to $18.43, the cost of acquiring customers went down in large part due to understanding and empathizing with the customer’s wants and desires. Everything Zero Company does is with laser-focus on your customers and their needs from you. With an empathetic approach (as opposed to a self-centered one), we were able to redesign websites, get their attention online, nurture a relationship and ultimately get orders up.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel that we partnered with an up-and-coming full service agency filled with top talent. We plan to continue our work with Zero Company.
Jim Sullivan
VP of Marketing