Google Ads Case Study

Google ads -
Case Study

Prominent Government Contracting company that targets business looking to do work with federal, state, and local governments.

We methodically built out a dynamic ad group to capture the most relevant traffic.

Significant increase in overall performance (ROI) in just one year!

The challenge

Google Ads had a low conversions rate. Optimizing our advertising to convert higher

May 2020
– 28 conversions
– $224 average cost-per-conversion

The approach

We implemented dynamic ad groups and adjusted winning bid strategies which allowed us to optimize the ad account for increased conversions at a more affordable cost.

The results

Within one month we saw significant results for conversions and considerably lowered the cost per conversion, saving the company thousands of dollars.

June 2020
– 92 conversions, a 230% increase
– $141 average cost-per-conversion, a 37% decrease


Increase in conversions


decrease in

“Our performance based approached
helped us achieve these results.”