Case Study


A national financial services firm brought in Zero Company to turn around their search marketing and drive more B2B leads in a very competitive, lucrative category.


The firm had little presence on the search engines and some very tough-to-beat, household-name competitors appearing on their keywords. They also lacked strong call to action in their lead funnel. 


Because some of the keywords would take months of SEO work to appear in the top rankings, Zero Company launched PPC campaigns immediately. This allowed the site to instantly gain search presence, but also provided us with traffic to optimize the lead funnel. Meanwhile, we would work on the longer-term goal of massive traffic via SEO.

While working on conversion rate optimization, Zero Company developed search-engine friendly content, off-site social signals, link building and other techniques to boost their authority on their target keywords via SEO.


The results were steady and dramatic. Traffic increased more than 1900% and leads shot up. Traffic rose from 662 visitors in our first month to 13,425/mo. in month 15.


Leads climbed from just 1 or 2 a month to 50 per month during that same time. This was game-changing traffic.


Had traffic stayed the same with no investment in SEO during this period, the client would have had around 10,000 organic visitors during this time and very few leads.

Instead, Zero Company drove 113,240 visitors to the site with more than 350 lucrative B2B leads. More than 96,000 visitors tracked during this time (or 85%) were new to the site.

The company is projected to have approximately 170,000 visitors and 600 leads over the next year.

This was a massive return on investment for the client and helped allow the company to be acquired shortly after the above growth took place.

Business Name

Campaign Reach: National

Industry: Financial Services

Services Rendered:

  • Programmatic, Search, Display
  • Retargeting
  • SEO Content Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization