Water, fire and mold damage is one of the biggest concerns of any property owner. When struck by any such situation they want a quick and efficient solution. The longer the waiting period, the more severe the damage. Therefore, the easiest way to find the people who can help is through the internet…and often via a mobile device.

To attract the attention of such panic-ridden customers many restoration companies have turned to Pay Per Click ads. Unfortunately, many of them don’t understand why the results may not be as expected.

In this day and age, if your business is not reflected on the first page of Google in your local area, then the customers just won’t find you easily. And as stated above, customers for this type of service want quick solutions. They will often be attracted to the first results they see.


Common Mistakes Made By Restoration Companies

We review and audit a lot of Google AdWords accounts. The most common mistakes made by restoration companies while setting up their PPC ad campaigns are:

  • Not actively managing the ad campaign and failing to customize it to changing requirements and business environment.
  • Incorrect use of keywords and packing them all into a few ad groups.
  • Not using all available ad extensions.
  • Too little budget for the most important task of digital advertising.


Google AdWords and PPC Advertising Tips For Restoration Companies

Now that you are aware of the problem areas, the task at hand is to resolve these issues and start to take your account to the next level. But to avoid common pitfalls in the future you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Understand How The Customer Searches Online – You need to clearly understand what the customer is typing into Google while looking for companies offering restoration services.The keywords that you use will depend on these choices of phrases used by the prospective customers. In order to help you in this regard, there are a couple of good places to turn to. First, is the Google AdWords keyword tool. This will help you find variations and themes of keywords and can even suggest ideas based on your site. Or you can also take it a step further and use a tool called “Seed Keywords”. This software helps create a search scenario that allows you to survey people to understand how they might look for your services in specific situations.
  • Research Competition – You cannot neglect competition. Always know what they are doing, how they are offering services, what kind of advertising is being done by them and above all the content of their ads. To look for all this information, just go to their website to see their products and services and search on Google to see their ads. A simple phrase like “fire restoration Houston” will bring up a few ads. Looking at just top three will give you a fair enough idea of what you are up against. If you hire an agency to manage your PPC, they will likely have tools that take a deeper dive into your competition to come up with keyword lists, how those compare to you, how long they have been on certain keywords and what ad copy they have used.
  • Use Negative Keywords – PPC advertising, of course, is not free. It’s Pay Per Click, and when someone clicks on your ad it costs you money. So you need to make sure that only those individuals who are in need of your services click on your ads. One of the common mistakes we see is when restoration companies are using broad match keywords without appropriate negative keyword exclusions. For example, if a person types “mold damage clothes” then you don’t want Google to show your ad because you only offer property restoration services. So “clothes” or “cloth” should be one of your negative keywords. Build an exhaustive list of such negative keywords as you go along. This process should be continuous and tremendously reduces unnecessary costs. A PPC agency will make this part of their ongoing optimization tasks.
  • Assign Appropriate Budget – Budget should be based on your return on investment. How much does it cost per lead? How often do those convert to clients? What are your margins? Therefore, before starting your digital advertising, first find out about the expenses that are fixed and then consider those that are not. Only then fix your budget. Figure out what the max is you are willing to pay per lead for your different services. That doesn’t mean you will pay that, but it’s important to know proper ROI in order to make intelligent bidding decisions. When working with an agency, the first thing they want to help you figure out is how much can we pay per lead and how are we tracking results.
  • Always Have A CTA – Call To Action buttons are very appealing to the customers especially when they are clear and relevant. When a prospective customer starts looking for a restoration company they need to feel secure in the knowledge that they’ve finally found a company that not only understands the their needs but also meets all their standards. You can easily fulfill this need by tailoring your advertisements to meet their values. For example, they are pressed for time or may have needs at all hours. You might test CTAs like “call us anytime 24/7” or “Talk to experts right now for a quote,” etc.
  • Geographic Area Targeting – Most of us only want to deal with those restoration companies that have their office in the local area and can respond quickly. Geotargeting your services to your local service area is vital. Using localized ad copy will help let customers know you are local, as well.
  • Aim For A Good Quality Score – Quality score is a number on the scale of 1 – 10 that shows how relevant your keywords are in respect of search queries. Here, 1 is the lowest score and leaves much to be desired while 10 is the highest. Quality score can be raised by using your keyword in the heading or first line of the description of your ads as well as having landing pages that are equally as relevant to that keyword. Maintaining a high-quality score is important because it means that your ad will rank higher on the homepage of Google and also you will not have to pay as much for those particular keywords. A good agency continually optimizes for better quality score by continually split testing ads and making other refinements to improve results.


Home restoration is a competitive business with immense competition, including large franchises. Fortune favors only those who are able to keep pace with the changing times and embrace the modern marketing techniques. Google AdWords continually improves its offerings. There are a variety of additional tactics not discussed above — tactics like remarketing, bid adjustments by device, algorithmic Cost Per Acquisition bidding, Call Only ads and others – that are vital to effectively compete. Use them judiciously and always seek the help of professionals when in doubt.