Since its conception, pay per click advertising on search engines has made a massive difference for businesses and organizations that decided to dive in. In a world where almost more than half of the population spends a great deal of time online, focusing on internet marketing is probably the wisest move for you as a business person to take. But every business has different nuances to it. Day Spas in particular are among the businesses that can see a significant impact to their bottom line.

What do you do when looking for a specific service-oriented business? Typically, it starts with a search on Google or Bing or Yahoo. Hair salons, health services and day spas are among the more popular services people are searching for every day.

Running a day spa can be tricky itself, and learning the nuances of search marketing may not be your expertise. One of the best places to start is with PPC (pay per click search marketing). Below are eight foolproof tips that will help your ads not only catch your potential client’s attention but also get them to book a session at your spa.

Marketing Tips For Day Spas


· Use specific keywords for specific services

There is a very wide variety of spa services available these days and clients can search for your business in many different ways. It’s not enough to just target keywords like “day spa.” You need to go deeper. Build keywords and campaigns based around very specific services like “deep tissue massage” or “aroma therapy massage” … any of the services you offer. Including targeted keywords directly related to specific services gives your ad more relevance to users and you want to be as relevant as possible. It’s easy for someone to click the back button and leave your site. Make sure you speak to the keywords in your ad copy (the headline, the description and even the URL).

· Use a fair amount of negative keywords

Negative keywords are specific words that the advertiser specifies as not to appear on in the search engines. This means that there is no chance that an internet user searching using those words will land on your ad. This can be very useful in managing traffic and specifically targeting actual potential clients. It is, however, very important not to go overboard on the negative keyword selection in day spa marketing so as to avoid shutting out potential clients. Obviously, you probably don’t want to appear on “day spa job,” so you would make “job” a negative keyword. Or maybe you want to appear on various massage keywords, but don’t do “Thai massage,” so you want to make that a negative keyword.

· Make your ad geo-specific

Like most other service-oriented businesses, day spas rely heavily on client traffic from in and around their area. Making your ad geo-specific will therefore go a long way to ensure that you actually target people who are not only likely to click on your ad but also pay your spa a visit. If they see you are in their city, they are likely to take the next step and check out your website. Use Location Extensions. These will improve conversion rates.

· Use remarketing techniques

Remarketing is a technique used to remind internet users about your business after they leave your website. This means that in the event that a client clicks on your original ad but doesn’t take action, they will continue to see an ad every now and then in an attempt to keep you in front of them when they are ready to make the decision. Remarketing is a great way of sticking on your clients’ minds when that moment of truth happens.

· Don’t forget holidays!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas time, people are looking for your services. Promote your gift certificates in your ad copy during these times of the year and watch sales go up.

· Link your ad to a specific page on your website

Every ad must link to a related web page and the more specific the page, the better the chance of conversion for your day spa business. This means that if, for example, your ad is for hot stone massages the landing page should be about that specific service and nothing else. Again, a site visitor only needs a moment of confusion to hit that back button and go to the next site. Relevance is mission critical.

· Include call to action options in both the ad and the website pages

Include actions such as direct call links, online booking services and membership registration on the ads or landing pages for your day spa marketing to be beneficial. This allows the clients to take immediate action and reduces chances that they will delay contacting you. Make it easy for them and conversions will go up. And always track success or failure back to every keyword in your PPC account. This is undeniably the best way to make your pay per click (PPC) investment worthwhile as you get actual returns.

· Give your ad a catchy headline

With Google AdWords text ads, you do not really have a lot of characters to work with. It is therefore very important for you to make the most out of what you are given to work with. The headline should be catchy and intriguing to spark the client’s interest and increase the chances of clicking and conversion. But don’t go too far out on a limb and stray from being relevant to the keyword you are on.

· Monitor the ad and website traffic

In PPC marketing for day spas and generally any other business, monitoring activity and traffic is very important for success. Some of the important data to look out for with AdWords ads include the click through rates, your ad and website’s quality scores and the conversion rate. These and many other metrics help you evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness and allows you to make changes when and where they are necessary.

Remember that the aim with PPC marketing is not only to get clients interested in your ads but also to get them to act on that interest. The marketing tips above will have your day spa seeing better results.

PPC marketing isn’t just a set and leave marketing format. It requires constant monitoring and improvements. Google changes something every other week. So stay on top of your account or hire an experienced PPC agency like Zero Company that has helped a variety of day spa clients over the years. Call one of our reps toll free now at 888-885-3995 to learn more.