What are Sitelinks and why are they important?

Sitelinks appear in select PPC ads (usually top ranking ads) as additional links in your ad copy. These ad extensions are an excellent way to improve CTRs (Click Through Rates) in your ad copy and squeeze more traffic from existing keywords.

Many advertisers don’t take advantage of these, but those that do usually see good results. This feature of AdWords (and now MSN/Yahoo) will become more in play with your competitors as Google integrates them into the main sections of the AdWords user interface and more people use them.

The below image shows four Sitelinks below the ad copy (Order Online Now, Store Locator, Deals in Your Area, Returning Customer? Order Here):

View the same sample ad without them:

Not only do you own more search real estate, you also have more opportunity to push various calls to action, feature statements, etc.

Taking the time to customize these for your campaigns usually (but not always) yields better results, especially if we use various calls to action or value-added statements in the copy. These also help potential customers or leads to get to where they want to faster, which is always a key to success. A Google internal study showed that Sitelinks improve CTRs by an average of 30%. We’ve seen increases as much as 300% or more. That’s usually a sign of success, but you want to make sure traffic is still converting on your site from these ads. That’s the real bottom line, isn’t it?

Typically, you need each of your Sitelinks to go to a different page on your site (and it is now Google policy that they do that). However, we do often develop multiple versions going to the same page for testing purposes. Like your ad copy, it’s important to split test everything. The more testing we do, the better results we achieve.

There are a variety of approaches you can take when writing Sitelinks:

Some Sample Calls to Action:
“Take a Demo Now”
“Make Reservations Online”
“How to Invest”
“Find a Store”

Some Sample Value-Added Statements:
“Free e-Book on Sign Up”
“Free Paint Kit with Purchase”

“$10 Off Coupon”

Feature Statements:
“Supports Unicode Multi-Language”
“Desktop or Web-Based Formats”
“Custom Reports”

Sometimes the best Sitelinks combine both:
“Download Your Free Report”
“Print $10 Off Coupon Now”

These are all generally short and sweet, which allows Google AdWords to show a variety. If you want to use longer ones, this will limit the number of Sitelinks that may show at any given time. That may not be a bad thing depending on your goals and your site, but generally “short and sweet” works well if using one of the above methods.

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