We’re loving the new ability to apply AdWords scripts across all our client accounts through Google’s new MCC scripting.

This week we implemented a script that compares client data from the previous day, last week and last 30 days. We set it up in the MCC account using labels for each of our account exec’s.

Now anytime an account exec has his or her label attached to an AdWords account, the script automatically puts all that comparison data into their report along with their other clients they are managing.

While there are many different scripts we use for individual accounts, the ability to instantly apply scripts to multiple accounts and trigger by just a single label – that’s pretty slick. Well done, Google. Having key metrics for every client in a single place allows our exec’s to quickly glance at PPC trends first thing every day and act.

In PPC Management, time is a valuable commodity. Most business owners barely have time for running their business, let alone their AdWords account. We want our clients to not only know they are getting expertise, but that we get a lot of mileage per hour when managing accounts.

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