Let’s look at possibly our favorite new Google enhancement to AdWords recently: Callout Extensions. Callout Extensions allow you to add additional descriptive text to your standard text ad.

Here is what they look like (without the red box):

google callout extensions

Callout Extensions are much like Sitelink Extensions with one huge difference: They don’t have a link to a page on your site.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is a major advantage from a copy-writing perspective. With Sitelink Extensions, Google requires each Sitelink to link to a different page on your site. Sometimes that makes it hard to write Sitelinks that are sales-oriented like “24/7 Service” or “Free Shipping.”

After all, if every Sitelink needs a unique url, at some point you run out of relevant pages to link to that also will convert well as good PPC landing pages.

With Callout Extensions, you don’t have to worry about that. Just add your top sales points and watch your ad click-through rate (CTR) jump.

How much can ad CTR increase? Well, with one recent client we found that ads that include Callout Extensions have a CTR that is 351% higher than ads without Callouts. Let me repeat that: 351%!

Callout Extensions basically offer free real estate to your ad — extra copy to make your ad stand out above the competition.

Here are some of the requirements from Google:

• 25 character max
• No exclamation marks
• No emoticons or other symbols
• No repeating text from ad copy or Sitelinks

Additional info from Google is available here.

Like any new feature from Google, the sooner you can jump on it, the more you will be out in front of your competition.

So don’t wait any longer! Get Callout Extensions set up for all of your AdWords Accounts as quickly as possible.