MMA fighting is gaining popularity throughout the world as a favorite pastime sport. There’s a huge market for investors in this industry as they open up gyms, drive memberships and sell product. It can be a lucrative market provided they know how to do their marketing well. Below are some of the most effective martial arts digital media marketing tips that you can consider for your MMA business:

1. Follow ups

Studies show that 81% of all sales occur only after or on the 5th contact with a customer. If you own an MMA Gym and doing just one or two follow-up sessions, then chances are that you’re losing out on some prime prospects. Moreover, consistent contact with the customer can help create a predictable and lucrative stream of prospects and clients that spend on your business. Through follow-ups you also stand a better chance of enjoying higher conversion rates and increased percentage of referrals. So carefully think through the different ways you can follow up both before and after the sale.

In most cases, those who don’t keep up with their customers after the initial contact often say that they are too busy to do it. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of setting up a proper system to handle this. Reaching out potential customers through phone or email autoresponders is great, but there are other more modern MMA marketing tools that can be used as well to help:

a) Google AdWords Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to show advertisements to people who had previously visited your site. When they leave the site without doing anything substantial, for instance, remarketing can help you reconnect back with them with relevant ads and promotions when they surf the web away from your site.


The term RLSA stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, it’s a marketing technique where you create a personal audience consisting of web visitors you want to segment, just like normal remarketing (this is done through placing an AdWords pixel on your website). This audience differs from regular remarketing with where you reach them as this targets users only on Google search results.

Perhaps, they originally came to your site on a search for “MMA gym.” They leave your site without contacting you, not ready to make a decision. The next day (or even a week later or a month later) they search on Google again but this time for “best gym” — a search keyword that might be too generic for you to normally bid on. Since you know they’ve already visited your site and are searching for something similar to your business, you bid to have your search ad appear high when they make this particular search. Right place, right time…you win the moment.

c) Customer Match

Customer Match allows MMA site owners to show their ads to customers based on their email addresses. Google can match about 50% of the email list you give them to users. This allows you to target them with any specific messaging you want. Depending on the list you put into their system, you can target them accordingly. For instance, it could be a way to target users who signed up for a free trial, but haven’t visited. It’s a useful AdWords tool for achieving various goals including improving brand awareness and conversions.

2. Free trials

Free trials are a great marketing (if not necessary) tool for turning prospects into customers. Through it, your brand can establish a good rapport with a prospect that can last for years. When giving free offers, be generous by not just doing it for one week or a single class involving everybody. The incentive should be continuous lasting several weeks or classes for it to be effective. Turn a visit into a habit and turn them into clients.

Also, offer something free to your existing client base and give them the opportunity to do the same to a friend. Referrals are always a great way to build your base…encourage them to share the free item on their social media.

3. Landing pages

A landing page is the first place that a visitor is taken to upon clicking an ad. For a marketing strategy to be effective, especially in a competitive field, you need to make sure there are no disconnects online. The landing page should be dedicated, promotion specific and focused. Landing pages are also known as the ‘lead capture page’ or ‘lander’. If you are offering a free promotion of any kind on your MMA Gym, it would be important to ensure that the incentives appear front and center on your landing page. Got testimonials? Use them here.

Landing pages often live separately on your domain from your main site and are designed to be relevant towards your campaign’s traffic. This separation allows these links to be focused on specific objectives, while also making analytics, reporting and testing easier.

4. Negative keywords

Negative keywords are very useful in PPC marketing as they help you spend more efficiently. MMA businesses need to take the time and energy to build negative keywords as they play crucial role in maximizing ROI of AdWords campaigns by excluding you from appearing on keywords that are not completely relevant.

Research shows that nearly half of all online advertisers don’t add negative keywords to their marketing accounts over a course of one month. A keyword as broad as “MMA” — which will have some relevant traffic — can get you in a lot of trouble if you aren’t excluding the non-relevant matches (“MMA news,” “MMA reddit,” etc.)

5. Hire a PPC agency

There are a lot of ways things can go sideways if you aren’t careful. To make your mixed martial arts business even more profitable/visible online, it’s important that you hire an experienced PPC agency. Zero Company is a Google Premier Partner with more than 15 years experience in paid search marketing, and we are well-versed in marketing MMA gyms and martial arts studios. Contact one of our marketing strategists today.